Step-by-Step HDFC Bank Net Banking Registration Process

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HDFC Bank is a well-known bank in India. If you're a customer of the bank then you can use its online banking services to manage your finances without visiting your bank branch. I strongly recommend you to use bank's digital banking services like mobile banking, phone banking, and net banking. In this post, I'll walk you through step-by-step HDFC Bank net banking registration process.

With the help of HDFC netbanking service, customers get access to a wide range of features and services. Most important thing that insists someone to activate internet banking service is the ability to send money to loved ones 24×7, anywhere, anytime. In this post, I'll be showing you how to activate HDFC net banking service online.

HDFC net banking is a free of cost service and a convenient way of carrying out Banking activities without visiting the home bank branch. It saves account holders precious time and money.

After activating the service, customer can securely check his account balance, download account statement, transfer fund, pay your bills, recharge your mobile, open or close fixed deposit account, request cheque book, stop payment of a cheque, pay credit card bill, redeem credit card reward points and much more.

If you're skeptical whether online banking service is secure or not then you should read 'Is online banking safe?' That post will help you know more about this service and also you'll read some important safety tips to use this service.

Now let's see HDFC Bank net banking registration process.

How to activate HDFC Bank net banking without visiting bank branch

Here are different ways available to complete HDFC net banking registration:

  • Using your HDFC Welcome Kit
  • By visiting HDFC website
  • By visiting your home bank branch
  • Through an HDFC ATM

Let's discuss them one by one.

Watch above video to register for HDFC net banking service without visiting your home bank branch. Video language is Hindi. If you don't understand the language then read following post to complete registration process.

1. HDFC Netbanking registration using welcome kit

If you've received your internet banking password along with your HDFC Welcome Kit, it means HDFC net banking is already activated on your bank account. Now all you need to do is just complete first time HDFC net banking login process and set your new login password.

Follow the instructions given below to know how to login to HDFC internet banking using HDFC Welcome Kit.

hdfc bank net banking registration

Visit HDFC internet banking website ( by searching on Google. You may click on the given link to reach to the website but after reaching on the website make sure to verify that you're on HDFC Bank's official internet banking website.

Next enter your HDFC customer ID (your customer id is your USER ID) in the given field. Note: You can find your customer ID on your bank passbook or bank account statement. You can also find it online. Click here to know how to find HDFC customer ID. After entering the ID, click on Continue button.

hdfc bank net banking welcome kit

Grab your HDFC Bank Welcome Kit and open net banking PIN envelope. There you can see your login IPIN.

Enter your IPIN that is written in the envelope and hit Login button.

hdfc net banking register

Now on the next page, you'll be asked to set a new login password. First, enter the same PIN that is written in the evelope in Old Password/I-PIN field. Thereafter, enter a new password for HDFC net banking login. Use uppercase and lower case letters and numbers to make a strong password for example SunL7h23.

Then tick box to accept terms and conditions of using HDFC net banking service.

Subsequently, click on Confirm button.

That's it. You have successfully completed HDFC netbanking registration process using your welcome kit. Now go to HDFC internet banking login homepage and enter your customer ID and newly created password to login to your online banking account.

2. How to register for HDFC Bank net banking first time by visiting HDFC website

If your HDFC account is old and you've not activated online banking service before then you can complete HDFC Bank net banking registration by visiting the bank's internet banking website. You can use your registered mobile number and debit card to get registered for HDFC internet banking.

Go to HDFC internet banking website ( by searching on Google. You may click on the given link but make sure to verify that you're on bank's official website.

register hdfc net banking first time

After reaching on the website, scroll down and search Register link. Once you find that click on Register.

Next you will need to enter your bank customer identification number AKA customer ID. As mentioned above, you can find customer ID on your bank passbook or account statement. After entering the customer ID, click on Go.

Verify your customer ID.

Next select a card option and enter your debit card details. After submitting the details, enter OTP number that you've received on your registered mobile number.

Thereafter, follow the screen instructions, you will need to enter your bank account details, mobile number, and debit card details to register for HDFC net banking service.

Once you verify account ownership, you'll be redirected to IPIN generation page where you can set a login password for your online banking account. You'll need to create a password using numbers, and letters (uppercase and lowercase) for example SuNi123. After creating a strong password, submit it.

That's it. Now for HDFC net banking login, go to site's homepage again and click Login button. Enter your customer ID in username filed and password that you've just created to login to your net banking account.

3. Visit your bank branch for HDFC Bank net banking register

If it's difficult for you to follow online HDFC netbanking registration steps then you can visit your home bank branch to activate the service on your bank account. You may need to fill up HDFC netbanking registration form.

After submitting the registration form, you'll receive your internet banking password via post. Once it happens, you can come back to this page and can follow the instructions or can watch video added to this post to login to your online account.

4. Register for net banking by visiting an HDFC ATM

If you're unable to visit your bank branch then you can apply for HDFC internet banking through an HDFC ATM. For that purpose, simply go to your nearest HDFC ATM and get access to your account by swiping your card and entering your PIN. Note: Make sure to visit HDFC ATM because another ATM won't show you the options.

Then from the list of options, select "Other Services". Thereafter, select "Net Banking Registration"  and then confirm your choice; you may need to enter OTP message.

After successful submission, your HDFC internet banking login kit will be delivered to your address. You'll receive your net banking kit within a week.

Using above mentioned steps, you can easily register for HDFC Bank net banking service. If you've a question then feel free to ask in the comment box.