PNB Bank Statement Download: How to Download PNB Account Statement in PDF Format

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Today we are going to see how to download PNB bank statement online by logging in to PNB net banking service. If you want Punjab National Bank statement in PDF format then this tutorial is for you.

Punjab National Bank offers financial and non-financial services through its digital banking channel. It consistently enhancing its online services and now you can perform many banking activities for example check account balance, transfer funds, PNB bank statement download, link Aadhaar card, add beneficiary and the like, right from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, customers can use bank's net banking service for Punjab National Bank statement download. PNB Bank statement is available to view and download for free. If you try to obtain the same from your bank branch then you would be charged with ₹150 (approximately) but you pay nothing if you download your PNB bank statement online.

You can save your statement in PDF or excel format.

Next, I'll show you how to download PNB Bank account statement online without visiting your home bank branch. Before that, I would like to tell you that if you want to download your account statement online then you should be an active user of PNB net banking.

If you've not activated PNB net banking yet then read this tutorial how to activate PNB net banking. It's an easy to follow tutorial and by following this tutorial, you can activate PNB internet banking within 10 minutes. Thereafter, you can come back and read this post for Punjab National Bank statement download.

In case, you already have activated PNB internet banking service and actively using it then just follow the steps given in this tutorial to download PNB account statement.

How to download PNB Bank statement PDF

Watch following video for PNB Bank statement PDF download or read written instructions to get the same.

Login to PNB online banking using your login credentials.

PNB bank Statement

After accessing your PNB online banking dashboard, for Punjab National Bank statement download, from the side panel, click on 'Account Statement'.

pnb Bank Statement Download

Now, click on the radio button next to 'Transaction Date From' and then enter a date (start date) from which you want to get your PNB account statement. Secondly, in the next column enter end date in 'Transaction Date To'.

Let 'Transaction Period' column as it is.

Subsequently, hit search button.

Note: You can download PNB Bank account statement for up to 1 year or 366 days. Therefore, make sure period should not exceed than this prescribed limit.

PNB bank account statement pdf

Upon clicking on the search button, you'll be able to see your account statement. Now, to download your PNB account statement, scroll down to bottom and select PDF File as shown in screenshot above. Thereafter, click on OK button to download your statement.

That's it. Your Punjab National Bank statement will be saved to your computer in PDF format. You can print it and also notice that online account statement does not require any official stamp.

Important: If you're asked to enter Punjab National Bank statement password then enter your full bank account number to unlock your account statement PDF file.

If you're an online banking user then I strongly recommend you to follow our safety tips guide to use internet banking safely. Nowadays, net banking accounts are vulnerable to many cyber attacks therefore, by following our safety tips guide you can safeguard yourself against cyber attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PNB Bank statement PDF password?

Your PNB Bank statement PDF password is your full Punjab National Bank account number. Therefore to open your statement, enter your bank account number as Punjab National Bank statement password. This will unlock your statement.

How can I get PNB mini statement on mobile?

To get PNB mini statement on mobile, customer will need to send "MINSTMT (space) 16 digit Account Number" to 5607040. Soon, after sending the SMS, account holder will get his last five transactions details through SMS.