Disable Contactless Payment Feature of ICICI Credit - How to Disable ICICI Card Contactless Payments

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ICICI credit card contactless payment feature 'Tap and Pay' enables you make payments without the need of entering your PIN. This feature is indeed helpful buy at the same it is vulnerable to some risks like misuse. Therefore, bank gives customers flexibility to disable contactless payment feature of ICICI credit. You can disable this feature within a minute, let us see how.

Using contactless payments feature of ICICI credit, you can make payments on the go. It is super easy to make payments for small purchases, in my opinion, instead of disabling contactless payment feature, we should set limit for it. For instance, I have set Tap and Pay ₹2000 limit for my ICICI credit card.

However, if you would like to stop contactless payment then simply watch the following video or read the instructions. You will be required to use mobile banking app of the bank to stop contactless payment feature.

Disable Contactless Payment Feature of ICICI Credit

  • Install iMobile app, official mobile banking app of ICICI Bank, and register using your card details and mobile number.
  • Once registration is completed, login to the app and tap on My Cards.
  • Tap Manage Card.
  • Under Domestic tab, toggle OFF Tap and Pay feature. Do the same by tapping on International.
  • By toggling of Tap and Pay, you can disable contactless payment feature of ICICI credit card.

It was super easy, wasn't it?

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How to Enable ICICI Contactless Payment Feature?

In future if you would like to enable ICICI contactless payment feature then simply follow the steps given above and toggle ON tap and pay option.

By doing so, you will be enable to activate contactless payment feature again.

Set ICICI Credit Card Contactless limits

As I mentioned earlier, I would suggest you set limits for your ICICI credit card contactless feature. If you would do so then no transaction would be accepted beyond your set Tap and Pay limit.

I have set ₹2000 for my credit card to make payments of small purchases quickly. What I would suggest you is instead of disabling ICICI credit card contact less feature, set limits for it and take advantage of this super handy feature.

Follow the steps given below to set ICICI credit card contactless payment limit:

  • Login to ICICI mobile banking app.
  • Tap on My Cards.
  • Manage Card.
  • Touch Set Per-Transaction Limit option.
  • Toggle ON Tap and Pay option.
  • Enter maximum per transaction limit for ICICI credit card contactless feature.
  • Tap Submit.

That is it. You have successfully set maximum per contactless transaction limit for your ICICI Bank credit card.