How to Find HDFC Customer ID - 4 Easy Ways

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HDFC Bank is a prominent bank in India. The bank has a large customer base in the country. HDFC Bank has been providing a plethora of digital banking services to its customers so they (customers) can perform banking relating tasks from the comfort of their homes or offices. Customers can register for HDFC netbanking or mobile banking service to transfer fund, download account statement, open or close fixed deposit account and to perform similar banking operations. To complete registration process online, account holder will need to provide his bank account details including HDFC customer ID, account number along with debit card details.

To activate either service, first thing you need is your HDFC Bank customer identification number. Usually, you get your customer ID with welcome kit. But, if account holder does not know his HDFC customer ID or forget the same then he can retrieve it by a number of ways, which we're going to discuss here in this post.

If your mobile number is linked to your bank account then you can get your account balance by giving a missed call to a designated number.

First let's know what is customer ID and its purpose.

What is HDFC customer ID and how to find it?

Just like bank account number, bank issues a unique customer ID to every customer holding a saving or current account with the bank. Customer ID can be used to avail online banking services provided by the bank like internet banking, mobile banking, or the like.

If account holder wants to register for net banking service but don't have HDFC netbanking customer ID then with the help of this post, one can easily find forgot HDFC Bank customer ID.

Let me quickly show you how to find your customer ID.

How to find HDFC customer ID number?

Above video will help you find your customer ID. However, if your prefer reading then you're welcome. Read on to know how to find customer ID of HDFC Bank.

Now the bank does not print customer ID on cheque book; however, there are different ways available to find your HDFC customer ID which are listed below:

  1. Using HDFC Bank website
  2. Through bank account statement
  3. Find customer ID on bank passbook
  4. By visiting your home bank branch

Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Find customer ID online

You can visit bank's official net banking website ( to find your customer ID. Simply, visit HDFC Bank's website by searching on Google or another search engine. You may click on the above link to visit the website but make sure you're on the right website.

After landing on the website, if you're unable to see "https://" in the beginning of the URL then don't proceed. You should read 'Is online banking safe?'

hdfc customer id

Once you reach on the website, click on "Forgot Customer ID?" link as shown in the screenshot above to find HDFC Bank customer ID number.

find hdfc bank customer id

On the next page, a form will appear on your computer screen, simply enter the asked details. Let me help you fill out the form.

In the mobile number field, enter your mobile number that you've linked to your bank account.

Thereafter, enter your date of birth.

In the next field, enter your PAN card number.

Enter the captcha image text showing in the form. I've highlighted that in the screenshot above.

After entering all the details, click on Continue button to find your HDFC netbanking customer ID.

In the next step, you'll be asked to enter one time password (OTP) that you've received on your mobile number. After entering the OTP, click on Continue button.

That's it. On the next page, you'll be able to see your customer ID. You can jot down your customer identification number.

2. Find your forgot HDFC Bank customer ID on account statement

Account holder can also find HDFC Bank customer ID on his bank account statement.

hdfc netbanking customer id

To find your HDFC customer ID on bank account statement, grab your bank statement or if you've a soft copy of your statement then open it and on the first page you can find it.

3. Find HDFC netbanking customer ID on bank passbook

HDFC Bank passbook contains all details of account holder including customer ID. Therefore, one can see his bank passbook's front page, to find his customer identification number. On bank passbook, first you will see account number, customer name, followed by customer ID. That identification number is your HDFC netbanking customer ID. You can use it to register for online banking.

4. Visit your home bank branch

If you don't have access to the internet or you don't have bank account statement then you can visit your home bank branch or nearest HDFC bank branch to get your customer ID.