Do This to Stop International ICICI Credit Card Fraud

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Banking is entering in a new age where there is a very little scope for frauds and scams. Everyday banks are coming with robust technological improvements to safeguard their customers against banking frauds. Today, I am going to show you how you can safeguard yourself from international ICICI credit card fraud by just turning off international payments.

As you might already know, most of the scammers target other countries because by doing this they can stay outside the legislation of that country which directly increases their chances of go unpunished.

You can simply turn international transactions off to protect you against international credit card frauds.

To do so, all you need to do is login to mobile banking app of the bank and turn OFF international credit card transactions. After this your card will decline all international transactions.

In future if you would need to make an international payment then you can simply follow the same steps and turn all transactions ON for payments.

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Disable international ICICI Credit Card transactions

  • To disable international credit card transactions on ICICI card, simply login to bank's mobile banking app and tap on My Card then Manage Cards.
  • There will be two tabs: Domestic and International. Select International and toggle OFF all the payment options.

I personally suggest you if you don't make any international transactions on your card then it would be better for you to disable this options. By doing this, you can stay assured that your card is safeguard against international credit card fraud.

Your bank endeavors to make online banking safe for you as much as possible by providing you the flexibility to choose where your card should be used and where not.

Don't you think you should take advantage of such features which can protect against banking frauds?

Apart from that, you should also turn OFF contactless payments option or at least set limit for contactless payments, read this post for more information.