6 Intraday Traders You Must Follow on YouTube to Learn Options Trading

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Trading is the most difficult profession when it comes to psychology. It is all about mindset and how you understand market structure. In trading you have to learn everyday and keep upgrading yourself as per the market conditions. Trading strategies that used to work a years back now do not work.

Therefore, you need to follow traders as mentors who help you understand and stay focused. Here I am listing 6 traders that you must follow on YouTube for intraday trading.

These traders, I have listed below, openly share their knowledge so everyone can become a profitable trader.

Their official YouTube channel links are available for your convenience just in case you would like to follow them.

6 Intraday traders to follow on YouTube

Intraday Traders You Must Follow on YouTube to Learn Options Trading

Abid Hassan

He is founder of Sensibull platform. Mr. Abid Hassan is very active on social media including YouTube. He mainly features on Zerodha and Sensibull channels.

He teaches you out of the box and many big traders have directly suggested him to not share such information openly. But despite all he shares whatever he thinks will benefit fellow traders. His trading mistakes series on Sensibull channel is best.

His daily Nifty analysis series Kya Lag Raha Hai Market is very popular on YouTube. And many newbie traders, trade as per his analysis.

You can mainly follow him on Sensibull: Channel Link

Shreyas Bandi

His YouTube channel is NiftyBN- Nifty BN Channel. The YouTuber made 5 crores with 30 Lacs capital and very openly shares strategies with fellow traders so they can earn from trading too.

Nifty BN Channel link.

Reyaansh Upadhyay

The guy started his trading journey with 3Lacs for options selling and now earning great sum of money via trading. His YouTube Channel name is Theta Gainers. He is an options seller.

He lost his capital thrice before he became a profitable trader. He has a lot to teach you. He only do options selling.

As of now, it is estimated that he portfolio is more than 1 crore.

Theta Gainers channel link.

Rohit Rohra

If you are the one who does not have control on emotions and who takes trades out of fear of missing out then Rohit Rohra is you need to follow.

He will make you a rule based trader.

His official YouTube channel is V.P. Financials. He is an Intraday price action trader from the last 12 years. For rule based trading you must follow him.

Theta Gainers channel link.


Rockz is based in England. His official YouTube channel is RockzFX Academy. Follow him for just 1 month, he will make you a pro in reading charts.

His content will be in English.

RockzFX Academy YouTube channel link

Sunil Dogra

If you would like to learn things that are being taught in paid trading courses for free then you should start following Sunil Dogra.

Be it trading psychology, chart reading, support and resistance, or trading in the zone, he will teach you everything.

He shares his personalized strategies to his fellow traders for free.

USDINRBee YouTube channel link