How to Reset BOI Forgot User ID and Password? Reset Now

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This tutorial will help reset your BOI net banking login password, transaction password. For BOI net banking user ID forgot, you can also read this post. It's very common in human nature that we forgot things and it's very common in today's hectic life. If you have forgot BOI user ID and password credentials then don't worry, just read the following texts and regain access to your account.

Bank of India provides internet banking service to its customers. With this service, customers can perform basic transaction and non-transaction activities. Honestly saying, BOI net banking website requires a complete makeover because its interface and services are not user friendly.

For example once I mistakenly clicked on debit card hot listing link and my debit card got blocked; in other banks, when we usually click on such links then we’ll need to re-confirm our selection by pressing ‘OK’ button but in BOI once you click on the card hot listing link then your card gets blocked automatically.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing. At least bank enables us send money online, download account statement and more through its digital banking platforms. It provides basic banking facilities through online banking that can be useful for an individual.

Fortunately, bank provides facility to reset forgot Bank of India user ID password online. If you have forgot your BOI net banking login and transaction password or BOI net banking user ID forgot then this tutorial will help you to reset them without visiting your home bank branch.

If you’re trying to register for BOI online banking first time then click here to know how to activate BOI internet banking first time.

How to Reset BOI Forgot User ID and Password

Forgot Bank of India user ID password? Don't worry, it will only take only 1 minute to find forgot BOI net banking user ID.

Just grab your Bank of India passbook and on the front page, you will find your BOI customer ID. That customer ID is your BOI user ID.

Wasn't it easy?

Here is an another way of finding forgot BOI net banking user ID.

If you have your Bank of India account statement then you can also find your customer ID on it. Again for your information, BOI customer ID is your BOI net banking user ID.

Reset Forgot Bank of India User ID Password

To reset BOI forgot user ID and password, you should have following things handy:

  • BOI user ID - Your bank customer ID is your Bank of India user ID. Therefore if you forgot it then you can find it on the first page of your bank passbook or account statement.
  • Bank of India ATM-cum-Debit card details.

If you have above mentioned things handy then read on to reset BOI forgot user ID and password.

BOI Forgot User ID and Password

Open BOI internet banking website and then from the homepage click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD?’ link.

BOI Password

On the next page, you will be asked to enter your BOI internet banking user ID and full account number. Fill in the details and hit Continue.

bank of india user id password

Next, just grab your Bank of India debit card and enter the asked details like card number, its PIN (that you use at ATM machine to withdraw money), and expiry date. Subsequently, hit Submit button.

Next, you will see four options, for BOI net banking password reset, click on ‘New Login Password’ link to reset your password.

Thereafter, you’ll be asked to enter a desired Bank of India login password. Just create a password using special characters, alphabets, and numbers for example 123@!aBc. Thereafter, re-enter it and press Submit button.

That’s it. You have successfully reset forgot BOI password. At the top of the page, you’ll be able to read a success message.

How to reset BOI transaction password

Bank of India user ID password reset online facility is available but unfortunately you cannot reset your BOI transaction password online. But Bank of India allows its customers to request for BOI transaction password reset online. After receiving your request, Bank will send you your BOI transaction password at your physical address, available in the bank records.

Just follow the instructions given below to reset BOI transaction password:

  • Visit BOI internet banking website and click on Forgot Password link. (See screenshot in step 1)
  • Enter your ATM card details and then click on Submit button.
  • Now from the four options, for BOI transaction password reset, click on 'Request New Transaction Password'.
  • That’s it. On successful submission, your Bank of India transaction password will be sent to you on your postal address. You will receive it soon.
  • Once you receive your BOI net banking transaction password through post follow the above two steps and then from the four links click on ‘Acknowledgment of Transaction Password’ link and then follow the instructions to activate your password.