Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Find CIF Number of State Bank of Hyderabad - SBH

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Banks use Customer Information File (CIF) to store every customer’s personal, financial, and demat related information. CIF numbers help banks to view customers data (personal and financial) without looking into their accounts. It records all of your banking activities on daily basis in digital or physical form. Banks use unique CIF number for every account holder to collect personal and financial information of customers. You can have multiple accounts in a bank but for all accounts the CIF number would be same. Without CIF, it would be very complicated for banks to keep record of your accounts.

What does CIF number contain?

Customer information file carries following data of a bank account holder:
  • It stores all of your KYC details.
  • It stores your loan history.
  • It stores your financial activities on daily basis.
  • It carries your Demat related information. 
  • CIF folder helps bank to view your all accounts information at one place.

How to find CIF number?

There are multiple ways to obtain CIF number like you can find it on your bank passbook, or you can find it in your account statement that you can download from your internet banking account. You can also get CIF number by visiting your home bank branch. Here we’ve described how you can obtain CIF number of your SBH, SBI, SBT, SBBJ, or SBT bank account.
#1 Find CIF number on your bank passbook -
You can find CIF number of your account conveniently on your bank passbook. Usually, it’s printed on your bank passbook’s first page (see screen shot below). Just grab your bank passbook and try to find CIF on it. Somehow if it’s not printed on your passbook then try to find it with next method.
CIF number
#2 Find CIF number on your bank account statement -
Your bank account statement carries your unique CIF number. If you ever had obtained your bank account statement then you can find it on that. Or if you are a State Bank internet banking user then you can download your account statement by logging into your online banking account. Just follow the steps given below to download account statement through net banking:
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on e-Services tab and then select account statement from the sidebar.
  • From the page, select the period of statement for example last six months, and then select an option view, print or download.
  • Click on go.
  • Enter your profile password, if asked.
  • That’s it. View your account statement to find CIF number on it.
#3 Visit your home bank branch -
If you’re unable to get you CIF number through above mentioned methods then you can personally visit your home bank branch to get your CIF number or you can contact to your bank’s customer support team for more help.

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