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How to Activate SBI, SBH, SBP, SBT, SBBJ Bank Net Banking Online

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State Bank Group provides a wide-range of facilities to its customers and Internet Banking is of them. With SBI, SBH, SBP, SBT or SBBJ Net banking service, you can perform many banking activities such as online shopping, payment of bills, recharges, ticket booking etc. Furthermore, you can monitor your account directly from your home. If you have basic knowledge of computer and internet then you can readily use this service. In this post, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide to activate e-banking service of your bank.
As you may aware that State bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Travancore, and State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur are associate banks of State Bank Group therefore procedure of registration for net banking is same for all banks except you would need to reach on your concerned bank's website. 

Advantages of SB Group internet banking:-

  • You can perform transactional activities like fund transfer; online train, bus, or air ticket booking; online shopping; pay electricity bills; mobile or broadband bill payment; fee payment etc.
  • You can perform non-transactional banking activities such as balance inquiry, account statement, and monitor recent account activities.
  • You would be entitled for State Bank rewards if you pay through State Bank internet banking read in detail.
Activate state bank net banking

You should have following things to activate e-banking service on your bank (SBI, SBH, SBT, SBP, or SBBJ) account-

  1. Registered Mobile Number
  2. Bank Passbook
  3. ATM-cum-Debit Card

Steps to Activate State Bank Net Banking Online -

Step 1: Visit official Online banking website of your concerned bank. Directly type the web address into your browser's address bar (safest way) or search on Google with following keywords . If you do not know the URL of you bank website then follow the instructions given below;
If your account belongs SBI bank then search on Google with following keywords "Online SBI" to find SBI online banking website.
SBH customers can type 'Online SBH' on Google to reach SBH online banking website.
SBT customers can type 'Online SBT' on Google to reach SBT e-banking website.
If you're an SBP customer then search on Google with following keywords 'Online SBP' and then click on the link of your bank's website.
SBBJ customers can search with 'Online SBBJ' to find their bank website.
After finding your bank website link just click on the link to reach on your bank website (Don't click on the link if it doesn't start with https).
Attention: Remember typing web-address directly into the browser's address bar is safer than searching on Google, however, if you do not know the web address then you can use your search keywords to reach on your bank website but remember to take safety precautions such as looking at https click here to read other safety measures that you should take while accessing online banking services. We suggest you to use direct URL of your bank website instead of using search engines.
Step 2: At your bank's internet banking website homepage, you will see two options; a) Personal Banking, b) Corporate Banking. Just click on “New User Registration” under personal banking.
Activate SBI Net Banking Online
Step 3: Upon clicking on “New User Registration” a pop-up window will appear on your computer screen. Grab your bank passbook and fill the required details.
Note: You can find CIF number and branch code on your bank passbook's first page.
Step 4: In the second last column, you will be asked to select required facility. If you need full transaction rights like fund transfer, online payments, and other payment options, then select full transaction rights.
In view only, you can only view your account activities but you cannot perform transactional activities like fund transfer, recharges, bill payments etc.
Note: You can change your transaction rights later also.
Step 5: After filling out the form, click on submit button.
Step 6: In the next page, you’ll be asked to enter one time password (OTP). Simply enter OTP number that you’ve received on your registered mobile number. If you’ve not received then click on orange link “Click here to resend the SMS.”
Step 7: Select “I have My ATM Card (Online registration without branch visit),” and click on submit button.
Step 8: In the next page, you’ll have to perform an RS.1 transaction by entering your ATM card details. To do so, just enter your card details and click on submit.
Activate SBI Interent Banking
Note: Before clicking on submit button, make sure card details radio button (see screenshot above) is selected otherwise page may not load your submission. If your ATM card does not have expiry date then leave “Valid Thru/Expiry Date” option as it is.
Step 9: In the next page, just press pay to confirm.
Step 10: Note down your temporary internet banking user id then enter a password. Click on submit.
Your password must be a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters e.g. @123_abcD.
Step 11: After pressing submit, following message will appear on your computer screen “Successfully registered for internet banking.” You will receive a temporary user id on your registered mobile number.
Step 12: Now, again go back to online banking homepage and click on “Login” under personal banking (See screenshot in step). In the next page, press continue to login.
Step 13: Enter your temporary user id and password and click on login button. After “Logging In” successfully, you’ll be asked to enter a user id for your online banking (This ID would be your permanent user id). After entering a user id click on “check availability” to see whether user id is available or not. If user id is taken already then you may need to add some more words to your user id or you may need to add different words.
Step 14: In the next step, you’ll need to recreate your password for your net banking service.
That's it! you have successfully activated online banking service of your bank.


  1. I tried by leaving expiry date as blank but its not proceeding. Please help if you have any solution for this. I have maestro card without expiry and CVV.
    thank you

    1. Dear Prashant Surve,
      Maestro cards do not come with CVV number and expiry date, therefore, in most of the cases, we can leave such fields blank. However, if you're unable to proceed then you can contact to your bank's customer care (1800-112-211) department for further assistance.


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