Monday, 29 August 2016

Safety Tips While Using ATM

ATMs are a convenient way to perform banking related activities. ATMs offer a bunch of facilities such as, money transfer, cash withdraw, and bill payments etc, but they also come with some serious financial security risks. Banks spend large amount of money to provide safety at ATMs, even though we can read an ATM fraud case on our daily newspaper. After notifying some incidents of ATM frauds, we decided to write a post on ATM safety for our readers. You can take some simple measures to safeguard yourself against any fraud.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

List of Registered Life Insurance Companies in India

We have seen a significant growth in the insurance market around the globe; and this sector has also progressed significantly in India. Rapidly growing insurance market in India is luring many private and public sector companies. Many renowned companies want to take advantage of this time; and that’s why, the list of insurance companies (public and private sector) by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) is increasing day by day. In India, all insurance companies run under the guidelines and rules of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). In terms to provide insurance related products in India, a company should have an approval from IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority); therefore, it is mandatory for customers, to see whether his/her company has approval of IRDA or not? In this article, we are showing you list of life insurance companies; which are approved by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to provide life insurance services in India.

List of Registered General Insurance Companies in India

Generally, Life Insurance covers risk related to insured death like; death cover; and non-life insurance policies cover almost all other types of risk such as; Health Insurance  covers risks related to insured person health, Home insurance covers risks related to a home, and business insurance reimburses a businessman; in case he/she faces huge loss in business. The different forms of general insurance are health insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, home or property insurance, travel insurance, fire insurance etc. General or Non-life insurance policies provide payments on the loss of a financial event. Before buying a general insurance policy or life insurance policy (See: Life Insurance Companies Providing Life Insurance Services in India), it is immensely important to see, whether your insurance company has approval of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) or not? The IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) is a national insurance regulatory body, who works to promote and regulate insurance industry in India. It also works to protect the interests of policy holders.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

How to Check Indian Bank Account Balance through Mobile

Indian bank is one of the well-known public sector banks of India. The bank is providing high quality services to enhance customer experience. Recently, Indian bank has introduced missed call banking service to their customers. With this service, customers can get their account information by simply giving a missed call to designated number.

How to Check Federal Bank Account Balance through Mobile

Federal bank is a well-known commercial bank of India. It has equipped its banking with modern digital banking solutions to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Recently, it has launched a new service called ‘missed call banking’ for its customers to provide them a simple and quick way of getting account information anywhere, anytime. This service allows customers to know their account balances or mini statements by simply giving a missed call to designated numbers. To avail this free service, customers need to register for the service on their registered mobile number (Number linked with the bank). Federal bank has also launched a unique ‘Missed Call Based Mobile Recharge’ service; customers can recharge their mobiles by just giving a missed call (Read More…).

How to Check HDFC Bank Account Balance through Mobile

HDFC bank is a well-known private sector bank in India; which has a large network of branches to provide excellent customer service. All its branches are equipped with modern banking facilities. The bank has launched many online banking services to provide all the modern banking facilities to the customers. HDFC bank has recently started ‘sms banking’ service along with toll-free mobile banking numbers. With this service, customers can access their accounts from anywhere; you can perform multiple functions such as; checking account balance, mini-statement, account statement and requesting new cheque book etc. To avail this time-saving and free service, customer’s mobile number should be linked with his/her bank account.

How to Check United Bank of India Account Balance through Mobile

United Bank of India has been actively adopting digital banking solutions to provide satisfactory services to its customers. To achieve high level of customer satisfaction, UBI has already introduced many electronic and digital banking solutions like; e-banking, M-banking, and debit card services. The bank is also providing many loan facilities like; home loan, car loan, personal loan, MSME (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises) loan at very lucrative interest rates. Recently, it has launched missed call balance enquiry number to perform non-transactional banking. With missed call balance enquiry number of United Bank of India, you can check your account balance by giving a missed call to a designated number. To avail this facility customer’s mobile number should be linked with his/her bank account.