Monday, 29 August 2016

Safety Tips While Using ATM

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ATMs are a convenient way to perform banking related activities. ATMs offer a bunch of facilities such as, money transfer, cash withdraw, and bill payments etc, but they also come with some serious financial security risks. Banks spend large amount of money to provide safety at ATMs, even though we can read an ATM fraud case on our daily newspaper. After notifying some incidents of ATM frauds, we decided to write a post on ATM safety for our readers. You can take some simple measures to safeguard yourself against any fraud.

You might have read some reports about ATM skimmers who withdrew money from someone’s account, money snatching, or ATM robbery so we can take few simple measures while using our ATMs to foil such attempts. The tips, that we’re going to tell you, are not new but we’re cocksure that most of us ignore them; because we think that we would never become a victim (everyone thinks so, me too). Scroll down to read safety tips for using ATM
Safety tips for ATM   
Change PIN Regularly- When was the last time you changed your ATM security pin? Probably months ago, this is not a right way to protect your money. In terms to protect your bank account against any fraudulent activity you should regularly change your ATM pin. From now make it a habit to change your ATM pin every three months. You can also change your ATM pin with internet banking.
Keep You PIN Secret- Never write down your pin (personal identification number) anywhere, always memorise it. The only person who should know your ATM pin should be you. Do not give your ATM card to anyone to do ATM transactions.
Find Any Skimming Device- Skimmers use skimming devices to steal your ATM password and your card’s magnetic stripe information; to make a clone card. While using ATM machine, if you notice any suspicious device on the machine then do not swipe your card and notify about it to the concerned authorities by calling on their designated numbers (Usually, Banks write their numbers at ATMs to register complaints).
Stay Alone- You might have read outside the ATMs that one person at a time. If you’re avoiding this warning then you’re unnecessarily putting yourself into danger. The person behind you can see your pin therefore do not allow anyone near your while swiping your card. And also never take help from a stranger to complete your transactions. Stay close and cover the ATM keypad with your other hand so no one can see what keys are you pressing.
Register Your Mobile Number- Always register your mobile number with your bank account to get SMS alerts for transactions. This way you can monitor your account without visiting your bank branch and you can take a quick action to stop a suspicious activity.
Do not Respond- No bank asks you for your personal information through calls, SMSes, or emails, therefore, never take such things seriously and inform about it to your bank so your bank can take an appropriate action. I would tell you that the spammers, who call you, talk very genuinely and you barely can catch them therefore never get trapped in any calls, SMSes, or emails no matter how much genuine they sound. Whenever you indulge in such situation simply say ‘BIG NO’ to them.
Immediately Block Your Card if Lost- Whenever you lost your card promptly block it to minimize any chances of being misused.
Beware of Claw-like Devices- Frauds may use claw-like devices to snatch money at ATMs, they (devices) simply look like part of the machine and mostly installed to the front to collect cash. Such devices are hard to spot if attached. Though, nowadays it is very hard to attach such devices due to CCTV cameras and security however if you see that your cash is not dispensed then look at the cash tray to see whether their is any suspicious device.

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