Saturday, 28 November 2015

8 Undeniable Reasons to have a Credit Card

If we make a list of inventions that have made our life easier; then there’s no doubt that credits cards will come in top 10 such inventions. Credit cards have changed the way of carrying cash, making payments. We can use credit cards for e-shopping, cash withdraw, and for making online bill payments. Credit cards offer cashless payment methods; which eliminates the problem of carrying cash and also it reduces the risk of any individual getting loot. At the top, credits cards are universally accepted; that resolve the problem of carrying different currencies while traveling to different countries. An individual can track his/her monthly expenditure, and also can build a good credit history with the help of credit cards. Usually, Debit cards transactions cannot help you to build credit history; because no one keeps record of transactions made by debit cards. As everything has its pros and cons; therefore, credit cards have some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will be discussing on the benefits of credit cards; and we have covered disadvantages of credit cards in a separate article. Here are some benefits of having a credit card:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Mobile/Gadget Insurance

Having an expensive gadget keeps someone in an unnecessary phobia of losing his/her precious electronic gadget. Usually, with new electronic gadgets, customers get one-year free warranty for manufacturing defects and software related issues. But, such warranties do not cover liquid/accidental damages so to insure an electronic gadget against theft, burglary, liquid/accidental damage people prefer to buy a separate gadget insurance policy. A majority of people buy gadget insurance without knowing the actual terms and conditions. In such scenarios, people waste their money on buying worthless insurance policies, which would have very sophisticated claiming procedures and would have very huge depreciations. It is indeed a smart decision to insure a gadget(usually for expensive gadgets) but if you buy an insurance policy without knowing the various types of deductions such as; claim fees, depreciation for repair or full claims, service charges etc then it could alter your decision.