Saturday, 19 September 2015

Car Loan: ICICI Bank New and Pre-Owned Car Loan Facility For 7 Years Tenure | Loan Up To 100% | At Lowest EMI

Owning a car is now becomes easy because many banks have been offering car loan facilities in India. If you have been dreaming to buy a car for a long time, but insufficient funds are hindering you to make your dreams come true, then don’t bother, ICICI bank can help you to own your favorite car that you have always dreamt. In this post, I will be discussing on car loan features of ICICI bank.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Credit Card: Central Bank of India Credit Card Scheme For Non-Salaried and Salaried Persons | Cent Aspire Deposit Scheme

Usually, before issuing a credit card an authority (Bank) sees your annual income, bank history, monthly income source, age, profession ( salaried or non-salaried) etc. Banks also use your CIBIL report to decide whether to issue you a credit card or not. If you do not have a regular income source or your income is less than 2 lacs per annum then your chances of getting a credit card is almost zero percent.  A lender does not want to get in trouble after issuing a credit card to someone who does not have the capability to pay his dues. That’s why, banks reject many applications of credit card. During the past decade, the demand of credit cards has been increased dramatically. The very first reason is, increase in online shopping and online services. (See: 8 Undeniable Reasons to Have A Credit Card)

Gold Loan: Get Loan Against Your Gold Ornaments Within 30 Minutes From ICICI Bank | ICICI Gold Loan

Nowadays, many private and government owned banks are giving loan against gold. Customers may use their gold ornaments or gold coins to take loan from a bank. If someone is in financial need then he/she can use his/her gold to get insist loan. Usually, Gold loan takes less time than personal loan approval and it requires less documentation. Although, it is rather easy to get loan against gold from a jeweller but they charge huge interest rates and they would not give more than 55 percent of the gold value as loan. On the flip side, banks offer more loan amount on your gold with reasonable interest rates. It is always advisable to compare interest rates of all banks before getting loan against gold. While comparing interest rates don’t forget to check other charges like; processing fees, prepayment fees, documentation charges, renewal charges etc.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Become a Millionaire in 120 Months With Central Bank of India Cent Millionaire Scheme

Everyone wants to be a millionaire but only few people can make it possible. You know why majority of people fail to do that. The reason is crystal clear, people see dreams but in reality only few take initiative to actually make them true (in some cases lack of knowledge or education could be a reason). Always keep in mind what we do today will affect our tomorrow. To make your tomorrow better, you have to bear a hardship today. Probably, you have lot of responsibilities, but think for a while you are not doing anything to change your present conditions. Remember, always extra work counts whatever you do in your routine job you cannot get any type of incentive from it. Therefore, open up yourself, be smart and start investing your precious time, money, energy in useful resources. Hey listen, don’t resign from your current job, I’m talking about extra time which you can utilize (just kidding).