Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How to Remove Picasa/Facebook Albums From Phone Gallery

In my recent post i have written how to find a lost/stolen phone with Samsung Tracking feature click here to read that post. In today's post we will talk about synchronization. Synchronization feature in your phone allows you to synchronize pictures, contacts, calendar, app data from outside sources like; Picasa album, Facebook albums etc. You can retrieve you data anytime if synchronization is enabled in your phone. However, if you do not want to synchronize your data with some apps then you can disable synchronization. If Picasa or Facebook albums are showing up in your phone gallery, it means you have enabled synchronization for Picasa or Facebook. To remove such albums from your device firstly you have to disable synchronization for Picasa or Facebook, thereafter, you can remove these albums from you device. So let’s get to the point to remove Picasa or Facebook albums from your phone follow instructions given below:

    You have two options to remove Picasa/Facebook albums from your phone
  • You can stop these folders to showing up in your photos gallery
  • You can completely remove these folders from your device

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Phone Call Log/History is Not Updating in Android Phones

There is no doubt that smartphones become a part of our life. We cannot survive without these incredible gadgets. Smartphones have a wide range of functions like; games, apps, widgets. Sometimes these become a headache when we face some unrecognized problems in our smart phones such as call log problem because of that phone does not show recent callers detail. In this post, you will be guided to solve this problem. Here, we have listed some solutions to enable your call log. You are advised to follow these solutions one by one.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

How To Get An Email Account To Send And Receive Emails

Having an email address is very much essential in today’s world. Email (Electronic Mail) is way of communication through internet. It is used to exchange information through internet like; digital messages, documents, photos and important data. Furthermore, many applications and mobile phones required an email address. Currently, there are many email service provider available on internet, from whom, you can get a free as well as a paid email account. In this post, we will show you both methods (Free and Paid) to create an email address. Firstly, you should know that difference between Free and Paid email account:

Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to Show Google ads on mobile Blogger

Displaying ads on mobile version of blogger may boost up your adsense earning. If you take a deep look into your stats then you can see that 20-40 percent of your audience comes from mobile devices. If you are not monetizing ads on mobile version of blogger then probably you are losing 20-30 percent of page impressions and clicks. Therefore, it is very important to consider mobile audience to enhance your earning. Google adsense also made it compulsory to make your website/blog mobile friendly. It is crystal clear that every blogger wants to increase his/her blog traffic as well as revenue. To increase blog traffic you should follow SEO tricks like; keyword research and to increase your blog revenue you should optimize your adsense ads.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Show Recent/Popular Posts in Blogger Without Any Coding

Showing up recent posts or popular posts on a blog can dramatically increase your page views. If you display recent or popular posts in your sidebar then visitors can also read your other posts. There are different ways to show recent posts on a blog but in this post, we will show the simplest method. You can display your recent or most popular posts on your blog with the help of popular posts widget. This widget allows you to show recent or popular posts with thumbnail and snippets. You can show up to 10 recent or most popular posts on your blog with one popular posts widget.