Saturday, 30 May 2015

How to Place Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Header

It is immensely important to place your ads on a proper place to optimize your blog earning. You can obtain highest CTR (Click Through Rate) by spotting your ads at such places where they attract visitors. Your ad placement should be according to your blog layout. However, there are some ideal places, those are best for almost all blogs. In today’s post, we will show you how to add Google adsense ads or affiliate links below Blogger header without editing in your blogger template. You might have seen that most of bloggers show their ads below their blogs header which means, it is the most preferred spot for ad placement and ads at this position generates highest CTR.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 Best Ad Placements to Increase Your Blog Revenue

If your ads are not performing well on your blog then it means your ads are not placed on right place. A precise ad placement is very much essential to get high rate of clicks and CPC (Cost per click). An ad placement is an experimental process in which you have to do some experiments by changing the positions of your ads, and where ever your ads perform well those positions would be ideal for your blog/site.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung, Iphone, Windows Phone, Micromax Etc

It is a nice way to save something on your phone by taking a screenshot. You can save any note image, chat history by taking screenshots. Now a days, mostly all phones have this feature and with the help of this feature you can save anything to your phone. I would like to tell you that some old phones do not have this feature for example; Windows 7.5 or 7.8 phones do not have this feature but Windows 8 phones have this feature so you can take screenshot if you have Windows 8 phone.To take screenshot from your phone see following steps:-

Fix 404 Page Not Found Crawl Errors From A Blog/Site

It is very frustrating for visitors whenever they see 404 Page not found error.It may be possible that visitors reluctant to visit your site again just because of unwanted 404 page not found errors on your site.All bloggers want enough traffic on their blog and believe me if your blog has many 404 errors pages than it would be hard for you to get enough traffic because sites or blogs  having too much 404 page not found errors mostly ignored by visitors as well as search engines.For site/blogs it is hard to completely remove 404 errors because bloggers often update/delete their posts urls which leads to 404 errors messages but it would be great to add a customized 404 Error page on our site to read this post "How to create a customized 404 Page Not Found Error Message".Mostly, newbies do this type of mistakes that they often change their posts title to get traffic on their blog but they don't know that this think also change the URLs of their posts.

How to Delete a Windows Live/Hotmail Email Account

If you have multiple Microsoft accounts and you want to delete or close any of them then you can easily do this by going to your account settings section.Before explaining the whole procedure of deleting Microsoft account i want to tell you that it is not good choice to delete Microsoft account because once you delete your account then you will loss all of your data stored and other information.You have to clear your all billing related issues before deleting your Microsoft account.You have to clear all payments(If any).I will suggest you to save your important data before closing your account.One more thing, you can regain your account within 60 days.Which means if you want to delete your Microsoft account completely then do not Login once you have completed closing process.So now to delete Microsoft account account follow these steps:-

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to Join Merchant Navy After 10th, 10+2, Diploma or Graduation

Merchant Navy is a very glorious job. It has been attracting youth for enormous reasons like; huge salaries, opportunity to travel the world, living an extraordinary life. This job is best suited for those who reluctant to live 9am to 5pm life. Merchant Navy offers a very lucrative career path, you get numerous opportunities to prove yourself and to become something. Many people opting Merchant Navy just because of huge salaries but such people cannot survive longer. Indeed, it is one of the best paying jobs but it is not for everyone. This job is not for work shirkers and for weak people. This job is for people who like adventures, who have strong will power to face difficult situations, such as ferocious weather, home sickness etc.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

How to Create An Adsense Ad Unit Code

Once you get approval of your Google Adsense account, the next step is implementation of suitable size of ad codes to a blog/site. You are reading this post, which means you have taken your first step towards success by getting Adsense account approval. But don’t forget this is a small achievement because getting an approval does not mean that you will earn from your blog. You will only earn if you have high rate of site visitors. In this post, we will discuss how to create an Adsense ad unit. Creating a suitable type of ad unit is very crucial to earn good revenue. Your Adsense ad size must be according to your blog layout. If your ads are not fit to your site layout then this will directly affect your earnings, for example; you might have seen some sites where content of sites is not readable because of ads overlapping the sites content. Visitors reluctant to surf sites those have bulky ads. So let's come to the point, It is not a sophisticated process. You can readily generate an ad unit for your site/blog. To generate an ad unit you have to follow steps discussed below:

How to Insert An Adsense Ad Unit Code to Blogger Blog

Google adsense is the one of the trusted ad- monetizing network. Most of the advertisers prefer to use Google adsense for the advertisement of their products. CPC (Cost per click) rate of Google adsense is quite good which lures blog owners. If you have a popular blog, then, you can generate good income from it. Having a popular blog is very much essential to generate good income because Google adsense earning is totally depends upon your visitors. It is worthless to use Google adsense on a blog, which generates less than 200 hundred visitors per day. Such blogs take months to generate few bucks. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Samsung Tracker and Anti Theft Feature to Find a Lost/Stolen Phone

If you have an expensive Samsung smart phone then probably you will be worried that you phone could be lost. Samsung has aware of your worries, therefore, to vanish, your worries Samsung has developed some safety features to protect your phones against lost.  Samsung has been providing distinctive features in his smart phones to locate, track and lock a smart phone remotely. Moreover, with the help of these features you may erase/wipe your phone data remotely if your phone gets lost. If you go to your phone’s settings then you can see “FIND MY PHONE” option under security feature. In find my phone, you have three options related to your phone security, which are discussed as below:-

Create a Samsung Account For Samsung Apps, Samsung Smart TV and More

To avail services offered by Samsung you need to have a Samsung account. You should have a valid Samsung account to use Samsung apps and tracking features like Find my phone, Sim change alert etc. You can create a Samsung account through your phone or computer. In this post, we have explained both methods. You can choose any of them to create a Samsung account.