Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Become a Millionaire in 120 Months With Central Bank of India Cent Millionaire Scheme

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Everyone wants to be a millionaire but only few people can make it possible. You know why majority of people fail to do that. The reason is crystal clear, people see dreams but in reality only few take initiative to actually make them true (in some cases lack of knowledge or education could be a reason). Always keep in mind what we do today will affect our tomorrow. To make your tomorrow better, you have to bear a hardship today. Probably, you have lot of responsibilities, but think for a while you are not doing anything to change your present conditions. Remember, always extra work counts whatever you do in your routine job you cannot get any type of incentive from it. Therefore, open up yourself, be smart and start investing your precious time, money, energy in useful resources. Hey listen, don’t resign from your current job, I’m talking about extra time which you can utilize (just kidding).

I’m not going to give you a magical stick. Infect, I’m going to introduce a practical and real way to become a millionaire. There is no short cut to become a millionaire expect you win a lottery. If you believe in yourself, then becoming a millionaire will not be difficult for you. All you have to do discover the ways to do so. You do not need to invest lot of money to become a millionaire, you just have to utilize your present income in useful manner.

In this post, I will be discussing on Cent Millionaire scheme of Central bank of India. Actually, to promote long-term deposits, Central Bank of India has launched a new deposit scheme called Cent Millionaire Scheme. It is indeed a lucrative scheme, under this scheme customers can get higher rate of interest on their deposits (8.15 percent plus extra 0.50 percent for senior citizens).

Here are some highlights of this scheme:

  • Deposit 5410 rupees per month for 120 months.
  • Get higher rate of interest 8.15 percent ( 0.50 percent extra for senior citizens)
  • At the end of tenure, get 10 lakh+.

Note: This scheme is also available for NRIs.

If you are interested in this scheme then I would like to tell you that your total investment would be approximately 6.5 lakh and you would get one million plus (10 lakh+) .Your Overall profit will be 35-40 percent, it is really a huge profit, Is it or Isn’t it? On the top, you are investing your money in installments, which makes this scheme more attractive. For more information contact to Central Bank of India.

Conclusion: As I discussed earlier, to make your dreams come true you have to utilize your current income in useful manner. Therefore, I introduced this scheme to you so you can invest a small part of your income to fulfill your future needs. Nevertheless, decision is yours whom you want to be, a person who sees dreams but doesn’t do slog over to make them true or a person who sees dreams and do hardship to make them true.

Tip: There are enormous ways to become rich. Just discover them and follow them. Beside all never forget there is no short cut

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