Saturday, 16 May 2015

How to Insert An Adsense Ad Unit Code to Blogger Blog

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Google adsense is the one of the trusted ad- monetizing network. Most of the advertisers prefer to use Google adsense for the advertisement of their products. CPC (Cost per click) rate of Google adsense is quite good which lures blog owners. If you have a popular blog, then, you can generate good income from it. Having a popular blog is very much essential to generate good income because Google adsense earning is totally depends upon your visitors. It is worthless to use Google adsense on a blog, which generates less than 200 hundred visitors per day. Such blogs take months to generate few bucks. 

In today’s post, we will show you a simple way to implement an adsense ad code to a blogger blog. Before starting, I assume that you have an active account on Google adsense. Incase, you have not an account on Google adsense then read this postHow to get Google Adsense approval in few days” to get approval of Google adsense.

Steps to insert an adsense unit code to blogger

Generate an adsense ad unit code:- First of all, Generate an ad unit code on Google adsense. After creating ad code, copy that code. If you do not know who to create an adsense ad code then read this post “How to Create An Adsense Ad Unit Code ”

Login to blogger:- Go to Blogger dashboard and then select a blog from the list (If you have more than one blog on blogger) in which you want to put your adsense ad code.

Go to Layout:- Click on Layout from the sidebar and then select Add a gadget from the layout page.

Add an HTML gadget:- You will see a list of gadgets when you will click on add a gadget. Add an html gadget and paste your adsense ad code in that html gadget (Which you have copied from Google adsense). You may write advertisement, sponsored link ads etc in name column. Subsequently, click on save.

Drag gadget and save arrangement:- Once, you click on save, your html gadget will be appear on layout page. Drag that gadget where you want to show your ads (Just make sure your ad placement comply with Google adsense ad placement policy).

You’ve done. Your ads will be visible on your blog in short time. Follow the same procedure to place more ads on your blog.


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