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How to Create An Adsense Ad Unit Code

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Once you get approval of your Google Adsense account, the next step is implementation of suitable size of ad codes to a blog/site. You are reading this post, which means you have taken your first step towards success by getting Adsense account approval. But don’t forget this is a small achievement because getting an approval does not mean that you will earn from your blog. You will only earn if you have high rate of site visitors. In this post, we will discuss how to create an Adsense ad unit. Creating a suitable type of ad unit is very crucial to earn good revenue. Your Adsense ad size must be according to your blog layout. If your ads are not fit to your site layout then this will directly affect your earnings, for example; you might have seen some sites where content of sites is not readable because of ads overlapping the sites content. Visitors reluctant to surf sites those have bulky ads. So let's come to the point, It is not a sophisticated process. You can readily generate an ad unit for your site/blog. To generate an ad unit you have to follow steps discussed below:

Create An Adsense Ad Unit Code

Steps to create an adsense ad unit code

Login to Blogger account: To generate an Adsense ad unit code click on “EARNING” link from your blogger dashboard. After that, click on “VIEW DASHBOARD”. Subsequently, enter your email address and Adsense account password.  You may directly visit to login into adsense account.

Click on new ad unit: To create a new ad unit click on “MY ADS” tab and then click on “+New ad unit” button.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG1

Give a name to your ad: When you will click on +New ad unit button a page will appear on your computer screen to create an ad unit code. Enter an ad name in “NAME” column.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG2

Select an ad Size: As I discussed earlier, your ads size should be according to your site’s layout. Therefore, choose an appropriate ad size for your blog. If you are uncertain which ad size is best for your blog then choose from recommended ad sizes otherwise, click on dropdown menu to select different ad size.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG3

Select an ad type: Ad type has three options only text ads, only display ads and both text and display ads. You can choose any of them to display ads on your site. It is recommended to use both text & display ads to get higher bids rate. However, you can do experiments by choosing text or display ads only.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG4

Text ad style: In this section, you can choose a text ad style that suits best to your blog. You can see different text ad styles under text ad style. Click on a text ad style and see the preview of that ad style. Choose a text ad style which you think suitable for your site. You can see Create ad style button underneath Text ad style, use this button to create a customized ad style for your blog.

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Custom Channels: You can choose custom channels to track the performance of a group of ads. Choose two or more ads to track their performance on a single report. Custom channels are mainly used for advertisers who have been looking for targetable ad placements. If targeting is turned on your custom channels then advertisers can see your custom channels ad sizes and display their ads on your channels. So, click on targeting checkbox if you want the advertisers to see your custom channels.

Backup ads: Sometimes, there are no targeted ads available for your site. In such conditions, Google shows a blank/transparent space instead of showing ads. There are enormous reasons that Google is not able to show targeted ads for your site. You can show backup ads if Google can’t find ads for your site, you can choose an image, blank/transparent space (by default), an html page, a color. You can use your advertisement space effectively by showing backup ads on your site. 

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG6

Save and Get Code: After selecting all parameters the last step is to save and get JavaScript Adsense ad unit code for your blog. Click on Save and get code, and make sure to select “Asynchronous” as code type. Subsequently, copy Adsense ad unit code then go to your blog and paste it on your blog to show ads on your blog. Usually, ads will start displaying straightway but sometimes it takes few hours.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG7

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A simple way to create adsense ad unit code

If you are uncertain which text style is best for your blog or why to use custom channels or how to use backup ads then here is a simple method to create an Adsense ad unit.

  • Login to Google Adsense account
  • Click on MY Ads  and then click on New ad unit
  • Enter an ad name
  • Select an ad size
  • Select text & display ads
  • Leave text ad style, custom channels and backup ads as default
  • Click on Save and get code. After that copy your Adsense ad unit code.

Create Adsense Ad Unit IMG8

If you still have any doubt then feel free to ask in comment box. 

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