Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to Check Account Balance of State Bank of India (SBI) Through Missed Call

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State Bank of India is a multinational bank owned by government of India. It has more than 14k branches in all over in India. It has won many remarkable awards because of its extraordinary services. SBI has been providing appreciable services to make banking easier for its customers. Services like internet banking, Wire transfer, SMS banking or Mobile banking, SMS alerts etc make SBI as a one of the best bank of India. Like these services SBI has introduced a new service for its customers which we may call a miss call service. With the help of SBI miss call service you can check your SBI account balance by giving a miss call on 09223766666. Firstly you have to register to avail this service. Before, describing the procedure of registration I would say that if you have not linked your mobile number with your SBI account then you cannot avail this service. So link your number with SBI, Incase, you have already registered your mobile number with SBI then just follow these steps given below:-

Check SBI account balance

Steps to register for miss call service of SBI:-

Step 1:- Go to your SBI bank branch and link your number with your account.

Note:- Skip Step 1 if already registered.

Step 2:- You have to send an sms to 09223488888 from register for miss call service.

Type:-  REG(Space)Your SBI account number and send it to 09223488888.

For example; REG 31xxxxxxx45 send it to 09223488888

After sending above sms, you will receive a confirmation message from SBI that you have registered successfully.

Step 3:- Now to check your account balance give a miss call on 092237666666. Shortly you will receive your account balance on your phone.

Note:- There must be some charges of this service.

If you wish, you can also activate mobile banking on your SBI account. With this service you can pay your bills, you can shop online, you can book train or bus ticket etc. All you have to do just activate mobile banking on your SBI account. To know more about mobile banking Click here.
Like mobile banking internet banking is another service of SBI. Incase, you have a broadband connection at your home then this service would be better for you than mobile banking. Click here to know more aboutInternet banking.

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