Friday, 29 August 2014

How to Align Social Media Buttons in Blogger

Social networking sites sharing or like buttons are very economical tools to increase traffic on a blog/site.You can readily create social networking sites sharing or like buttons and put them on you site's sidebar or posts.Showing up social networking sites sharing buttons below or above posts is very beneficial for your site because visitors can share your posts if they want.

Sometimes, when we put sharing or like buttons on our site,these do not appear in a line.In others words buttons appear misaligned in posts.This looks very unprofessional if buttons do not appear aligned.The basic reason behind misalignment of buttons is the dimensions of the buttons for example; dimensions of twitter button is different then dimensions of Facebook button.Because of different dimensions of our social networking sites buttons we see them misaligned.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Do i need Hosting plan with custom domain name for Blogger ?

Google Blogger is a great platform for new bloggers because it is free and anyone can use it.Often, newbies start blogging to earn money by adsense or affiliate programs.Later on they realize that they should use custom domain for their blog.But most of newbies do not buy custom domain name for their blogger account because they think that they have to buy a hosting plan with domain name which becomes very expensive for newbies.

You can readily buy a custom domain name from any web hosting provider.To get .com domain you have to spend $10 to $12/yr ( 600-700 Indian rupees/yr ) and hosting plans are available at the rate of $20-$40/yr (approximately).But if your blog is on blogger platform then you do not need to buy any type of hosting plan because Blogger is a platform that provides free hosting for and custom domain name like; with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.So for your kind information you do not need any type of hosting plan for blogger if you want to buy custom domain for your blogger account.Blogger has certain limits for instance; you get 3GB space for a blog.But it increases when you add Google plus on your blog.

How to create a customized 404 Page Not Found Error Message

404 Error is an error message that shows "page not found" or "File not found".Generally, it shows that page/file has been removed or updated.This error appears when we update or delete any page from our site/blog.Although, we delete any page or article from our sit/blog but it still appears on search engine results and whenever,anyone click on deleted page link they see "404 page not found error". We often see this type of error on many sites/blogs.This is very common error and it is not possible to eliminate 404 error completely. But we can remove deleted page URLs from search results to reduce 404 error messages on our site to know more about this read this post "How to remove 404 Page Not Found Errors  from blogger".It would be great if we enter our own customized 404 error page that looks attractive instead of common 404 error page.Customized 404 error page is very beneficial for your site/blog because with the help of customized error page you can add elegant colour image that lure the visitors to see your site.Moreover,you can post your homepage link in your customized 404 error page to urge visitors to see your site to find their query.I would like to tell you if you are newbie that 404 error message does not related to any server error.Simply,it shows that page is not available on you site/blog.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to Make Categories in Blogger

It would be great if you have added categories in your blog.With the help of categories your visitors can read your other posts. Categorizing your blog posts is a strategic way to insist site visitors to read more related posts. You can add categories in your blog with the help of LABEL widget.You can find this widget in add a gadget menu.With this widget you can categorize your old blog posts and new blog posts.

Friday, 15 August 2014

How to Speed Up Nokia Lumia 610

If you have Nokia lumia 610 then I think you must be get tired because of its speed. In  our last posts we had written about Nokia Lumia:- Download Nokia Lumia Ringtones, Nokia Lumia:- Gmail for Nokia Lumia, and also we had discussed some common problems of Nokia Lumia.In this post we will discuss about speed of Nokia Lumia 610 .  As we know that RAM plays very important role in speed of any device/phone. The primary reason behind Nokia lumia 610’s  slow  speed is its RAM (Random Access momery).It has only 256 MB RAM that’s why it is too much slow.Usually, it takes 2-3 seconds to open an application.But if you have installed many apps in your Nokia Lumia 610 then it would take 10-30 seconds to open an app. I think now you will get an idea that why your Nokia Lumia 610 is very slow.Here, we have discussed some solution which may be helpful for you to get optimum speed from you Nokia Lumia 610.

Top 10 Merchant Navy Institutes in India

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative job.This is the best job for those who like travelling,adventure and interested in to see The world..Merchant Navy offers very fascinating career as a seafarer .You can join Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineer or Deck Cadet.To join Merchant Navy you should be physically and mentally fit.If you have passed degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering then you can join Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineer after passing one year GME (Graduate Marine Engineer) course.Basically, Merchant Navy deals with transportation of passengers, goods like;oil,LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) etc.Around, 90% Global transportation takes place through sea.After, completion of your course you can join any Merchant ship/vessel  e.g.-Cargo Ship,Bulk carrier,Container Ship,Tanker etc.Before sail on ship you have to do certain course as per your qualification.Merchant Navy colleges established to give proper training to cadets before sail on ship.