Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Expiry date and CVV number of SBI Maestro Debit Card

State bank of India (SBI) provides a variety of cards to its customers e.g.-Master card, Visa card, and Maestro card etc. Usually, all master cards and visa cards have expiry dates and CVV numbers printed on them. You can find Valid from to Valid through dates on these cards; and you can also find CVV number on the back side of your debit card (it is a three digit number appearing in signature panel where you have signed) click to read "How to find CVV Number on Credit/Debit Card". If you are a maestro debit card holder then you can readily find valid from date on your card but you cannot find expiry date on it; because old SBI maestro cards do not have expiry dates and CVV numbers printed on them.

How to Fill Up W-8 BEN Form for Non-US persons

If you have registered yourself on an affiliate program like; Bluehost affiliate,ipage,Hostgator,CJ etc then it is compulsory to fill up either W-9 or W-8 BEN (W-8 form has many types e.g.-W-8ECI,W-8EXP,W-8IMY etc according to eligibility but most commonly used form is W-8BEN) tax form (W-9 form for US (United States) persons and W-8 BEN form for Non-US (United States) persons. Where US person means an individual who is citizen or resident of United States and Non- US person means an individual who is not citizen or resident of United States in short all who belongs to other countries. If you are Non-US (United States) person then you have to submit W-8 BEN form because according to US tax rule and regulations if you are earning certain type of income from US then you have to submit W-8 BEN form to become a Beneficial owner for United States Tax withholding.You can readily fill ipage and Hostgator W-8 BEN form because they do not ask you about EIN (Employer Identification Number) or SSN ( Social Security Number). Here i want to tell you that if you are from India then to apply in Hostgator affiliate program go to www.hostgator.in instead of www.hostgator.com because if you will register on www.hostgator.in then you will get your commission in Indian currency ( i mean in Rupees) and you do not have to fill W-8 BEN form.On the flip side,If you will apply for affiliate program on www.hostgator.com then they will pay you in Dollars and you will have to fill W-8 BEN form.As i discussed above it is easy to fill out ipage and Hostgator W-8 BEN form so i would like to discuss about Bluehost W-8 BEN form.

Friday, 11 July 2014

How to Resize a Photo with Microsoft Office Picture Manager

To fill online forms for competitive exams you should have some prescribed size of your photo and sign.So before applying online you should have required size of your photo and sign. If you do not have required size of image and sign then you will not be able to fill online examination forms. It becomes very annoying if you could not get desired size of image by cropping image in Paint or in some other software. Usually,in IBPS,SBI,SSC,UPSC or some other competitive exams the image size should be more than 20kb and less than 50kb (20kb-50kb) and your sign file should be more than 10kb and less than 20kb (10kb-20kb).So now i have described here a simple method to make desired size of image by using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Note:  We have written another post pertaining to this topic which is easier than this therefore please click here to read that post "How to Resize A Photo And Sign With Microsoft Paint to FillOut Online Exams Forms?" If you find it hard to resize your photo with MS Picture Manager than must read that one. It is easy to resize a photo with MS Paint Click Here

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook

Sometimes, it becomes very annoying If you are getting too much notifications from Facebook on your Email address. Facebook sends all notifications of your Facebook profile to your Email address for example; updates, message alerts, pokes notification, likes, comments, tags etc.But Facebook allows to their users to stop/Block notifications if they want.If you want to stop such notifications then just follow these steps:-

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to Delete All Photos on Facebook

Now a days, Facebook becomes our daily life activity. We use Facebook daily to see updates from our friends, relatives etc.If you have many friends on Facebook then obviously you have lots of photos in Photos of you. If you have unnecessary photos in your tagged photos or you want to delete tagged photos from your Facebook profile then you can delete that photos by going to Photos of you category under Photos tab. But in Photos of you category you can delete one tagged photo at a time.It becomes very annoying if you have to delete many tagged photos. But do not desperate there is another option available on Facebook to delete multiple tagged photos at a time. You can find that option in Activity Log. So now to delete multiple photos at a time from your Facebook profile follow these steps:-