Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dish TV :- How to use Kitty Balance of Dish TV to Order Movie On Demand (MOD)

Services of Dish TV are really very good. Dish TV thinks a lot about his customers. Now, they are giving very lucrative offers to their customers for example, if you will recharge for three months they will give you 5 days extra entertainment, which is really very appreciable. Now they introduce a new benefit for their customer which is kitty balance. Actually Kitty balance are points which Dish TV gives to you on your Dish TV recharge and you can use these points or kitty balance for Movie On Demand (MOD)  etc. But some people do not know how to use this kitty balance. So now i have explained here how can you use this kitty balance and can order movies on Movie On Demand (MOD). Before this you have to make a user id on Dish TV website if you have already then just follow given steps. Yes you can also order movie by SMS or Call  to do this just follow instruction given by Movie On Demand (MOD) channel.To order a movie online follow given instructions:-

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

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