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How to Add/Embed PDF files in Blogger Blog Posts

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Blogger has not provided an option to add pdf files in blog posts. But there are many ways to add/embed pdf file to our Blogger blog posts. Today, we will explain you an effortless way to add/embed a pdf file to a blog post.

You may add downloadable or non-downloadable pdf files link in your posts. Furthermore, you can show your pdf file in your blog posts with the help of iframe code. To do this firstly you have to upload your pdf file on Google Drive then you can share it anywhere. After adding a pdf file on Google Drive you can get a shareable link and then you can insert that link in your blog posts.

As we know that Google Drive is a free cloud storage service by Google through which we can save our files online and can get them anywhere. Now, you don’t need any third party website to link pdf files to your blog posts. Let’s come to the point to add pdf file in a blog post read these steps listed below:-

To add PDF file link in a Blog Post:-

Step 1:- First of all, Login to your Blogger account then click on option bar of Google and select Google Drive from the options.

Embed PDF files to blogger posts

Steps 2:- After logging in Google Drive click on files and then select pdf file (Which you want to add in your post) from your PC to upload it on Google Drive (See Screenshot).

Embed PDF files to blogger posts

Step 3:- After uploading pdf file on Google Drive select that file and click on more (See Screenshot). From drop-down menu click on share then again click on share.

Add PDF files to blogger posts

Step 4:- Thereafter,Click on Advanced. From advanced menu click on change as shown in screenshot and select anyone with the link. Subsequently, copy link to share pdf file.

Add PDF files to blogger posts 1

Step 5:- Now its time to put our pdf file link in our blog post. So to do this go to Blogger dashboard and start a new post (as usual). Write some words like; Click here to download pdf file, Click here to view pdf document etc and then select your words. After selecting words click on link. Paste the url of pdf file in web address. Afterward, click on Test Link to check your link is working or not. After successful testing of link click OK.

Embed PDF files to blogger posts 1

Congrats! You have successfully added PDF file link in your post.

To Embed Pdf File in Blog Post:-

You may embed a pdf file in your blog post. To do this read these steps listed below:-

Step 1:- Follow steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 as discussed above.

Step 5:- To embed pdf file in a blog post copy below code and then add your File ID in below iframe code. You can find file id code from the url which you have copied from Google Drive. 

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/viewer?srcid=(PASTE FILE ID HERE)&pid=explorer&efh=false&a=v&chrome=false&embedded=true" width="540px" height="450px"></iframe>

To add File ID in above link see Below screenshot :-

Embed PDF files to blogger posts 2

Step 6:- Start a new post and Click on HTML instead of COMPOSE. Paste your iframe code in html section. Thereafter, Click on compose. See preview of your blog post. Incase your pdf file is not fit in your post body then change pixels size from the iframe code and then see preview. When you think that file is fit in your post body then Publish your post.

Adding PDF files to blogger posts


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