Monday, 22 September 2014

How to check Bank of India (BOI) Account Balance through Mobile

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Bank of India is a renowned Indian bank. It has 4000+ branches in all over India and has millions of satisfied customers. BOI provides varieties of services to its customers. In this post, we'll show how to check BOI account balance though missed call and SMS. The bank has started a free of cost service, called missed call banking, through which customers can obtain their account balances by giving a missed call to a designated number.  Missed call banking service is available 24 hours throughout the week.

You will read:

  1. How to check Bank of India account balance through missed call
  2. How to activate SMS Banking service of Bank of India to check account balance, mini-statement,  cheque status etc. 
Check BOI account balance

How to check Bank of India account balance through missed call

To check your BOI bank account balance just give a missed call to 090151-35135 or 092661-35135 (for Airtel users only) from your registered mobile number. 

How to activate SMS Banking service of Bank of India

Step 1: Go to your respective bank branch and fill mobile banking activation form or If you are using internet banking service of BOI then you activate mobile banking service on your mobile by logging in to net banking service. 

To activate mobile banking using net banking follow these steps-

  • Go to Requests Menu and click on BTM mobile banking. 
  • Enroll for mobile banking. 
Step 2: Download BOI mobile banking app on your device and send following SMS from your mobile "STAROTP" and send it to +919810558585.
Step 3: After sending above text message, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP in BOI application and then set up MPIN for your mobile banking service. Your MPIN is a 4 digits number.
All done. Now use following keywords for different operations-
Note: Send all keywords to +919810558585
For balance Enquiry:
Type: BAL(space)Your SMS Password  e.g.- BAL 1111 and send it to +919810558585.
Note: If you have registered your mobile number on more than one account then to check account balance
Type: BAL(space)Your SMS Password(space)Account Number
For Detail of last five transactions:
Type: TRANS(space)SMS Password e.g.- BAL 1111
Type: TRANS(space)SMS Password(space)Account Number
For cheque status:
Type: CHQSTS(Space)SMS Password(space)Cheque Number
To Change Password:
Type: CHGPWD(Space)Old Password(Space)New Password e.g.- CHGPWD 1111 2222 
Please delete all Mobile Banking related SMSes from your mobile which contains your user id and password.

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