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Top 10 Merchant Navy Institutes in India

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Merchant Navy is a very lucrative job.This is the best job for those who like travelling,adventure and interested in to see The world..Merchant Navy offers very fascinating career as a seafarer .You can join Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineer or Deck Cadet.To join Merchant Navy you should be physically and mentally fit.If you have passed degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering then you can join Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineer after passing one year GME (Graduate Marine Engineer) course.Basically, Merchant Navy deals with transportation of passengers, goods like;oil,LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) etc.Around, 90% Global transportation takes place through sea.After, completion of your course you can join any Merchant ship/vessel  e.g.-Cargo Ship,Bulk carrier,Container Ship,Tanker etc.Before sail on ship you have to do certain course as per your qualification.Merchant Navy colleges established to give proper training to cadets before sail on ship.
Presently, there are many Merchant Navy colleges are running in India.Well, all Merchant Navy colleges are good but everyone want to get admission in best out of them.I would like to tell you that before taking admission in any college, you should research about that college.Collect necessary information about colleges like their placement records (No college can give you 100 per cent placement grantee because its upto you.I mean to say that a college can give you a chance to get placed in any particular company by calling companies to their college but your placement depends upon your performance),about CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate cum Seafarer), contact to alumnus and ask them about college (you can find them on social networking sites like;Facebook),search on Google to get more information.It would be good for you if you will see fees structure of all colleges because fees varies colleges to colleges (Don’t ignore facilities given by colleges because some colleges have very low fees structure but they do not provide free accommodation,books,uniforms etc). Once, you have selected your college then apply online to get admission in that college.You will have to pass interview and a physical test to get admission in any college.So you should do some preparation before going for interview.Don't know which questions interviewer will ask you in interview then read this post " Question Asked in Merchant Navy Interview For GME,DNS,GPRating ".
Top 10 merchant navy colleges in India

Please note that this list does not show ranking of colleges.We added this list on the basis of popularity on internet and from our personal experience.

  1. Anglo Eastern Maritime Acaademy (AMEA) :- AMEA was established in 2009.College is located in Karjat,Mumbai. AMEA has a very good placement record.To get admission in this college you have to pass an online test.They have many online test centres in India.You can choose your nearest test centre from their list .To fill online test go to their official website and fill online form.After filling up online admission form you will have to wait for 48 hrs or two days.If your application get approved then they will send you an online payment link to your email address (its very important to add a valid email address while filling up online admission form because all important communication will be done through your email address). You have to pay 280 rupees(fees may vary) for an online test.You can pay online test fees by demand draft, Debit card,credit etc.If you will pass Online test then they will call you for interview in Delhi.You can visit their website for more information.
  2. Indian Maritime University (IMU):- IMU was established in the year 2008 by Govt. of India. IMU was established by an act of Parliament to play a significant role in the development of trained human resource for Marine sector. IMU has campuses in Chenni,Kandla Port,Kochi,Kolkata,Mumbai,Visakhapatnam.For more information you can visit their official website .
  3. Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies(SIMS):-  Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies is situated in Lonavala,Maharashtra.To get admission in SIMS you have to fill an online admission form.If your form is accepted then they will call you for a test and interview.You have to pay 800 rupees( fees may vary) before test and interview.To fill online admission form or further information you can visit their website .According to SIMS admission criteria if you are applying for GME(Graduate Marine Engineering) course then you should not have more than 6 backlogs in you B.TECH/BE degree (For more information regarding this you should contact to SIMS).  
  4. International Maritime Institute (IMI):- IMI was established in 1991.This college is situated in Greater Noida.College is approved by AICTE and DG shipping govt. of India.Girls are also eligible to get admission in this college for GME etc.You have to pay 1050 rupees(fees may vary) to fill up an online admission form.
  5. Vishwakarma Maritime Institute(VMI):- VMI was established in 2009.This college is situated in Pune. College is approved by DG shipping Govt. of India.To get admission in this college you have to fill an online admission form. After filling up online admission form you have to send the printout of online application along with a 1500 rupees(fees may vary) demand draft on given address. For more information visit their official website .
  6. Tolani Maritime Institute:- This college was founded in 1998.College is situated in Induri,Pune.Tolani Maritime Institute is approved by DG shipping Govt. of India.You can visit their website for more information .
  7. Great Eastern Institute of Maritime:- Great Eastern Institute of Maritime was started on 2006.College is located in Lonavala,Mumbai. Their website is
  8. Cohin Shipyard Ltd.:- Cohin Shipyard Ltd is situated in Kochi,Kerla. Their website is
  9. Garden Research ship Builders:- Garden Research ship Builders college is situated in Baranagar,Kolkata. For more information about Garden Research ship Builders you can visit their website .
  10. Academy of Maritime Education and training :- This college is located in Bengal at kanathur. College was established in 1993.Go to their website for more information .

Please Note:- This list is for your reference only. You should research to get more information about Maritime colleges.Appropriate research will help you to opt best college for your course.

Advise:- Apply in more than one college Suppose you are not selected by college in which you have applied then you have to wait for next session.On the other hand, if you will apply in more than one college, then you can try in others college to save your time.


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