Friday, 11 July 2014

How to Resize a Photo with Microsoft Office Picture Manager

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To fill online forms for competitive exams you should have some prescribed size of your photo and sign.So before applying online you should have required size of your photo and sign. If you do not have required size of image and sign then you will not be able to fill online examination forms. It becomes very annoying if you could not get desired size of image by cropping image in Paint or in some other software. Usually,in IBPS,SBI,SSC,UPSC or some other competitive exams the image size should be more than 20kb and less than 50kb (20kb-50kb) and your sign file should be more than 10kb and less than 20kb (10kb-20kb).So now i have described here a simple method to make desired size of image by using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Note:  We have written another post pertaining to this topic which is easier than this therefore please click here to read that post "How to Resize A Photo And Sign With Microsoft Paint to FillOut Online Exams Forms?" If you find it hard to resize your photo with MS Picture Manager than must read that one. It is easy to resize a photo with MS Paint Click Here
Resize photo

STEP 1 :- First of all, right click on image and then go to Open With thereafter open image with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Resize photo 1

STEP 2 :- Now click on Edit Pictures and then under Change Picture size go to Resize :-

Resize photo 2

STEP 3 :- In Resize, first of all, you have to see the original size of your picture.

Resize photo 2

STEP 4 :- Thereafter click on Custom width * height under Resize settings and increase or decrease pixels to get desired size. For example; if you want to resize a image whose size is 297kb and in pixels it has 1121 * 1420 pixels as shown in image below:-

Resize photo 3
So first of all, see the original size of image that is 1121 * 1420 pixels there after click on  Custom width * height under Resize settings and enter 350*400 pixels and thereafter click on Save as. Saved image will be about 22kb in size. so we get desired size with in 20kb-50kb according to the guidelines. 

Resize photo 4

Note:- Add approximate pixel value in  Custom width * height to get desired size of image. 

STEP 5 :-Now go to the folder where you have saved your new image and see the size of image . From step 4 we get get image size 22kb that is within the limits.If you did not get the desired size of image:-
  • If you did not get desired pixels then repeat the process again to get desired size.
  • If you did not get desired size of image then do this:-
  1. If image size is less than 20kb then repeat the process and increase the pixels and save it.
  2. If image size is greater than 50kb then repeat the process and decrease the value of pixels to get desired size.
  • Repeat until you get desired size.
Note:- To resize the sign do the same procedure.


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