Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Fill Up W-8 BEN Form for Non-US persons

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If you have registered yourself on an affiliate program like; Bluehost affiliate,ipage,Hostgator,CJ etc then it is compulsory to fill up either W-9 or W-8 BEN (W-8 form has many types e.g.-W-8ECI,W-8EXP,W-8IMY etc according to eligibility but most commonly used form is W-8BEN) tax form (W-9 form for US (United States) persons and W-8 BEN form for Non-US (United States) persons. Where US person means an individual who is citizen or resident of United States and Non- US person means an individual who is not citizen or resident of United States in short all who belongs to other countries. If you are Non-US (United States) person then you have to submit W-8 BEN form because according to US tax rule and regulations if you are earning certain type of income from US then you have to submit W-8 BEN form to become a Beneficial owner for United States Tax withholding.You can readily fill ipage and Hostgator W-8 BEN form because they do not ask you about EIN (Employer Identification Number) or SSN ( Social Security Number). Here i want to tell you that if you are from India then to apply in Hostgator affiliate program go to www.hostgator.in instead of www.hostgator.com because if you will register on www.hostgator.in then you will get your commission in Indian currency ( i mean in Rupees) and you do not have to fill W-8 BEN form.On the flip side,If you will apply for affiliate program on www.hostgator.com then they will pay you in Dollars and you will have to fill W-8 BEN form.As i discussed above it is easy to fill out ipage and Hostgator W-8 BEN form so i would like to discuss about Bluehost W-8 BEN form.
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Fill W-8 BEN form

Fill out Blue-host W-8 BEN form for Non-US Person :-

When you will Sign in to Bluehost affiliate program after completing Sign Up process then they will ask you to fill W-8 BEN form. They will not pay you your earnings until you fill your W-8 BEN form.So to fill your W-8 BEN form follow these steps:-
STEP 1 :- Login to your Bluehost affiliate program and click on Tax form ( If they will not ask you to fill Tax form then go settings and click on Tax form) thereafter select NO as shown below:-
Fill W-8 BEN form 1
STEP 2 :- Fill your W-8BEN form:-
  • Enter your Name
  • Country of your incorporation or organisation ( Enter your country name)
  • Type of Beneficial owner: Individual (See list if other applicable)
  • Your permanent address
  • Your mailing address:- Enter only if it is different from your permanent address otherwise leave it blank and proceed.
Fill W-8 BEN form 2
You may click on Form W-8BEN instructions to learn more about W-8BEN form.
STEP 3 :- We are Non-US persons therefore its obvious that we do not have EIN (Employer Identification Number) or SSN ( Social Security Number). So just enter enter 9 Zeros (e.g.-000000000) for EIN and SSN :-
Fill W-8 BEN form 3
Now read carefully all points under claim of tax treaty benefits and Mark those are applicable.
Fill W-8 BEN form 4
Read acknowledge certification terms and conditions or to proceed tick yes i have read and acknowledge certification.Next enter your name in signature box and click on Submit form.
Fill W-8 BEN form 5
Now you have all done. Your W-8BEN tax form has been submitted.
Note:- To apply W-8BEN form for other purposes like business etc take experts suggestion perhaps you may eligible for other W-8 form.

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