Monday, 25 November 2013

Question Asked in Merchant Navy Interview For GME,DNS,GP Rating

Now these days Merchant Navy is becoming a very fascinated job due to enormous reasons for example; higher salaries, opportunities to travel the world, and to meet different kinds of people (Different kinds of people means people who belong to different countries and communities). But Merchant Navy job is not so easy because you have to stay away from home for long periods due to which you may suffer from homesickness and seasickness. So, if you want to join Merchant for higher salaries only then please think twice before opting Merchant Navy profession; because Merchant Navy is ranked among toughest jobs in the world. It is one of the top ten toughest jobs in the world. Today, I want to discuss with you question asked in Merchant Navy interview for GME (Graduate Marine Engineer), GP (General Purpose) Rating, DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science). If you want to join Merchant Navy then you should have good command on English language. You should have good English skills for example; fluency, coherence, pronunciation. In GP rating interview, interviewer just checks your command on English and your confidence level, but in DNS and GME, you should have very good command on English and you should have good communication skills as well as good knowledge of your respective stream.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to use Android Phone as a PC/Laptop Modem

Hello Friends, It is very easy to use Android Phone as a PC modem. You can readily connect your phone to your PC with help of Data Cable to use internet on your Computer. To do this no additional app or software is required. You just have to follow these simple steps that are discussed below to connect your phone to PC to use internet :-

How to Activate Net Banking of Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Online banking services provide us flexibility to perform a number of banking activities from anywhere and anytime. With internet banking service, you can check your account balance, mini-statement, and any other account related activity. Apart from them, e-banking facility allows customers to do online transactions such as, fund transfer, bill payment, SIP payments, and online shopping payments. Punjab National Bank also provides this fabulous service to its customers.

Friday, 22 November 2013

How to Create a Username on Facebook Account or Facebook Page

These days everyone is using Facebook.Many people are addicted of it, specially youngsters use Facebook to chat with friends,share videos,photos with family, to make new friends. Millions are using Facebook and if we are trying to search a friend on Facebook then many people appear on list with same name that's why  its very difficult to search an old friend on Facebook.If someone has a customized user name then it becomes very easy to find out that person with his user name.If you have a customized user name then you can give it to someone whom you want to add in your Facebook account. To create your user name just follow these simple steps:-

Nokia Lumia:- Gmail for Nokia Lumia

Many of us have Nokia Lumia windows phone.Elegant tiles make these phones very attractive but it becomes very annoying when you cannot upload documents to gmail,yahoo,hotmail etc directly from Nokia Lumia windows phone's browser.However,If we add gmail,yahoo,outlook account in our phone then we can upload/attach files and also can  forward them to others.So there is no need to download any app to phone for  gmail,yahoo,outlook etc just add your account in your phone and then you can receive emails and send emails directly from your phone.

Toll Free Numbers in India

India toll free numbers