Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Document Required for Passport

If you want to travel abroad then you must have a valid Passport.Without a passport you cannot travel to foreign countries.To apply for passport in India,you need certain documents.First of all, you should know that you can apply either in Tatkaal (You can apply for Tatkaal only when you need Passport urgently) or Normal.Usually, to apply for Normal type of application/passport you need to fill an online application to get appointment date.If you want to apply for Tatkaal Passport then you need to obtain Annexure I and Annexure F thereafter you can apply for Passport in Tatkaal scheme.You can get your passport in 15-45 days (Time may vary because i got my passport in 12 days only) in Normal type application and the application fees for normal type application is 1500 rupees for 36 pages passport and 2000 rupees for 60 pages.When you apply for Passport in Tatkaal then you will certainly get your Passport in 15 days but fees of Tatkaal application is 3500 rupees for 36 pages and 4000 rupees for 60 pages.It is very important that you should have genuine documents for example; your Date of Birth certificate should be genuine.I would like to tell you that if you were born before 26/01/1989 then you do not need Date of birth certificate but if you were born after 26/01/1989 then you certainly have to obtain D.O.B. certificate.It would be great if you already have a D.O.B. certificate otherwise if you do not have D.O.B. birth certificate then obtain it before applying for Passport.You need these documents to apply for Indian Passport :-