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Question Asked in Merchant Navy Interview For GME,DNS,GP Rating

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Now these days Merchant Navy is becoming a very fascinated job due to enormous reasons for example; higher salaries, opportunities to travel the world, and to meet different kinds of people (Different kinds of people means people who belong to different countries and communities). But Merchant Navy job is not so easy because you have to stay away from home for long periods due to which you may suffer from homesickness and seasickness. So, if you want to join Merchant for higher salaries only then please think twice before opting Merchant Navy profession; because Merchant Navy is ranked among toughest jobs in the world. It is one of the top ten toughest jobs in the world. Today, I want to discuss with you question asked in Merchant Navy interview for GME (Graduate Marine Engineer), GP (General Purpose) Rating, DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science). If you want to join Merchant Navy then you should have good command on English language. You should have good English skills for example; fluency, coherence, pronunciation. In GP rating interview, interviewer just checks your command on English and your confidence level, but in DNS and GME, you should have very good command on English and you should have good communication skills as well as good knowledge of your respective stream.
Questions asked in Merchant Navy Interview
Note:- These questions are just for idea, in interview they can ask you different questions. But, we're quite sure that your chances of failure are very low after preparing these questions.


  1. What is your name?
  1. Please introduce yourself?
  2. Tell me about yourself?
  3. What do you know about Merchant Navy?
  4. What is Merchant Navy?
  5. Why do you want to join Merchant Navy?
  6. What is your aim in life?
  7. What are the duties of a Deck cadet?
  8. Please tell me about your Family?
  9. Why do you want to join this company?
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. What do you know about Sea life?
  12. Do you know, how does ship sail without sinking?
* For DNS, they will also ask you questions on the basis of your 12th standard; therefore, before go for interview revise your 12th standard books to tackle interview.


Note:- These questions are just for idea, interviewer can ask you different questions related to your respective stream.

For Mechanical Engineering, there is a very good scope in Merchant Navy. In GME interview, I have discussed earlier, you should have very good command on English as well as you should have very good knowledge of your respective stream. Interviewer can ask you any question about your respective stream; therefore, you should prepare all subjects that you had studied in 8 semesters during your graduation. After some personal questions like; introduction etc, interviewer will come to technical questions.


  1. What is your name?
    1. Or
  2. Please introduce yourself?
  3. Tell me about yourself?
  4. What do you know about Merchant Navy?
  5. What is Merchant Navy?
  6. Why do you want to join Merchant Navy?
  7. What is your aim in life?
  8. Please tell me about your Family?
  9. Why do you want to join this company?
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. What do you know about Sea life?
  12. Do you know, how does ship sail?
  13. What is Heat exchanger?
  14. How it works?
  15. What is turbo charger?
  16. How it works?
  17. What is a Machine/Definition of Machine?
  18. Types of Machine?
  19. What is engineering?
  20. What is Supercharger?
  21. What is Boiler?
  22. Types of boiler?
  23. Name boiler accessories?
  24. Name boiler Mountings?
  25. What is Refrigeration?
  26. What is Refrigeration cycle?
  27. Types of Refrigeration?
  28. Why pressure cooker cook food fast?
  29. What is latent Heat?
  30. What is sensible Heat?
  31. What is Motor and how it works?
  32. Types of motor?
  33. Which shaft is more strong hollow shaft or solid shaft and why?
  34. What is coupling and its types?
  35. Draw carnot cycle /otto cycle/diesel cycle?
  36. What is refrigerant?
  37. Various parts of Air conditioner?
  38. How battery charge?
  39. Types of batteries?
  40. What is Mechanical engineering?
  41. What is the duties of an engineer on ship?
  42. What is rocker arm?
  43. What is push rod?
  44. How valves operate?
  45. What is intercooler?
  46. What is a gear?
  47. Types of Gear?
  48. What is TDC, BDC, IDC, ODC?
  49. What is link?
  50. Centrifugal pump?
  51. Centrifugal force?
  52. Moment of interia?
  53. What is factor of safety?
  54. What is Bouncy/force of bouncy/ Metacentre/Centre of bouncy?
  55. What is Alternator/Dynomo/Distributer/Differential?
  56. What is welding and explain its types?
  57. Anti-lock braking system?
  58. What is camber/axle?
  59. What is barometer/Ventrimeter/Burnoli’s theorem?
  60. What is 1st, 2nd, 3rd laws of Newton?
  61. Laws of thermodynamic?
  62. What is Kirchaff law?
  63. What is SONAR/RADAR?
  64. Various parts of ship?
  65. What is Strength/Hardness/Ductility/Mealibity/Frequency/Toughness/Brittleness?
  66. What is toe in /toe out?
  67. Types of Steering?
  68. What is Evaporation/Condensation?
  69. What is Enthalpy/Entropy?
  70. Types of Pump?
  71. Types of compressors?
  72. What is scavenging?
  73. What is clearance volume/swept volume?
  74. What is Knocking/Detonation?
  75. What is Engine?
  76. How four stroke/Two stroke Petrol engine works?  
  77. How four stroke/Two stroke Diesel engine works?  
  78. Ports in two stroke Diesel/petrol engine?
  79. How four stroke/two stroke Petrol engine works?  
  80. What is Timing Chain?
  81. Draw valve timing diagram of two/four stroke petrol/diesel engine?
  82. What is Turbine/Generator?
  83. Difference b/w A.C. and D.C?
  84. How to convert A.C. into D.C.?
  85. Difference b/w A.C. motor and D.C. motor?
  86. What is Universal joint?
  87. What is spring and its types?
  88. What is the purpose of piston rings?
  89. What is Tappet clearance?
  90. What is specific heat?
  91. What is C.O.P.?
  92. What is Specific gravity/volumetric efficiency ?
  93.  What is Adiabatic/Isentropic process?
  94. Boyle/charle’s law?
  95. What is Tractive Force?
  96. What is Gadget pin?
  97. What is King pin?
  98. What is Critical Temperature?
  99. What is fullering and caulking?
Note:- Before Interview, they will give you a topic to write. You will have to write 300 hundred words on that topic; therefore, you should also do some preparation to write topics.

Some topics for Preparation:-
  1. What is your career goal?
  2. Where do you want to see yourself after ten years?
  3. Which job is better Merchant Navy or 9 am to 5 pm job?
  4. Write about your favorite person.
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Tips to write topics:- Use vocabulary, connecting words, do not repeat lines. A topic should be written in this prescribed format:-   

  • First of all, Introduction :- In introduction state your point of view and write, "what you are going to describe in detail?". Introduction should not be more than 4-5 lines.
  • Paragraph :- Break your topic into 6-7 lines paragraphs. Do not write entire topic in only one paragraph. You should write your topic in 2-4 paragraphs. Before starting, make a plan "how you're going explain?". Do not go off track to add more words to topic. Write only related to topic.
  • Conclusion :- In conclusion write your point of view about your topic. Giving a diplomatic answer is always good instead of giving a biased view.

Extra Tip :- Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) before going for interview because they will ask you write your BMI in the form :- Your BMI should be less than 25.

To calculate BMI,  use this formula :-


Let us suppose, my body weight is 68kgs and my height is 1.70m, then using above formula my  BMI will be;


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