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How to Activate Net Banking of Punjab National Bank (PNB)

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Online banking services provide us flexibility to perform a number of banking activities from anywhere and anytime. With internet banking service, you can check your account balance, mini-statement, and any other account related activity. Apart from them, e-banking facility allows customers to do online transactions such as, fund transfer, bill payment, SIP payments, and online shopping payments. Punjab National Bank also provides this fabulous service to its customers.

One can activate PNB internet banking service without visiting his/her home bank branch. Customers can activate e-banking facility on their bank accounts if they have registered their mobile numbers with their respective bank branches. You can activate internet banking service of the bank by filling out an online form. Follow the steps given below to activate online banking service of Punjab National Bank.
Activate PNB Internet Banking
You should have:
  • Your registered mobile number
  • PNB Debit Card
Attention!- There’re two possible scenarios here.
  1. You’re going to activate PNB internet banking first time; which means the service is not activated on your account.
  2. You’re activating PNB internet banking service of the bank but the page is showing that “User id is already created for the customer.”

1.Activate PNB Internet Banking First Time-

Step 1: Visit official internet banking website of PNB bank by searching on Google or other search engine.
Step 2: You’ll be able to see two internet banking login options; Retail Banking and Corporate Banking. Just click on retail banking link.
Step 3: In the next page, click on “New User?” link.
Step 4: Upon clicking on new user link, you will be promoted to a new screen where you will have to enter your account number. Just enter your account for which internet banking service is required and select registration type. If you want to activate both mobile banking and internet banking then select “registration for both internet & mobile banking” radio button, otherwise select registration for internet banking. Subsequently, click on verify.
Note: Upon clicking on verify button if page shows that “User id is already created for the customer,” then stop here and scroll down and read second scenario.
Step 5: In next step, you’ll be asked to select either ‘view’ or ‘view and transaction’ and enter an OTP number delivered on your registered mobile number. Simply enter it and click on continue.
  • View only: You can only view your account information with PNB Net Banking, you can check all credits or debits from your account but in this facility you cannot make online payment through your PNB bank account.
  • View and Transaction: You can see all your account summery and also you can make online payment for any purpose for example; for ticket booking, movies, online shopping etc.
Step 6: Now enter your debit card details such as, card number and your ATM PIN then click on continue.
Step 7: In the next page, enter your login credentials such as, login password and transaction password. Thereafter, click on continue.
Remember your password should be more than 6 and less than 28 characters and it should be a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
Step 8: After clicking on continue button, a message will appear on your computer screen that “You have been successfully registered for PNB interent banking service. Your Login is ******.” Just note down your login id.
That’s it. PNB internet banking service has been activated on your account. First time, PNB internet banking users have to perform following steps:
  • Visit official internet banking website of PNB bank.
  • Click on Retail Banking.
  • Enter your user id then click on continue.
  • Enter your password and press login button. 
  • In the next page, read terms and conditions of using PNB online banking then click on agree.
  • Select 7 security questions and click on continue.
  • Now, select an image and enter a phrase for it then click on continue. 

2. Activating PNB Internet Banking if Page Shows “User id is already created for the customer.”

If PNB internet banking registration form shows that “User id is already created for the customer,” then it means e-banking service is already enabled on your account. In some cases customers get internet banking facility when they open a new bank account. Reason is unclear but when I asked about it to PNB customer care executive he replied, “May be you would have selected internet banking column while filling out form.” Let alone whatever reason behind it, just follow the steps given below to activate online banking service of PNB if registration form shows user id is already created.
Step 1: See your PNB bank passbook, you can find customer number on the first page. Your customer number is your User ID.
Note: If customer id is not mentioned on your bank passbook then you would need to submit a written request at your home bank branch to obtain your user id and password.
Step 2: Now, visit PNB net banking website and click on retail banking.
Step 3: Enter your customer number, written on your bank passbook, and hit continue button.
Step 4: Click on “forgot password?” link and in the next page enter your customer id again. Then press submit button.
Step 5: Upon clicking on submit button, you will receive a 6 digit OTP on your registered mobile number. Just enter it in the next step and click on continue.
Step 6: Now follow step 5, step 6, step 7, and step 8 discussed above for new user registration.


  1. Online banking (or Internet banking or E-banking) allows customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a secured website operated by the institution, which can be a retail bank,virtual bank, credit union or building society.
    Internet banking

  2. My date of birth is showing invalid! N i dont hav pan card

    1. Hello Neha Warke,

      Make sure to enter the date of birth as printed on your bank passbook; and to my mind, PAN card is not a mandatory field, you may skip it. For further help, contact to your home bank branch.

  3. how activate my net banking account,bank issued me user id & password....tell me please


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