Sunday, 29 September 2013

IELTS Band Criteria

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IELTS band criteria

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.IELTS test has two versions The Academic and The General training.If you belong to a Non-English speaking country and want to go any English speaking country for further education or for work then you have to give IELTS exam.The requirement of IELTS bands varies country to country for example; some countries accept minimum 5 bands and some countries accept minimum 6 bands.Today we will discuss about Band criteria of IELTS as you all know that band in Speaking and Writing modules depends upon performance of candidate for example; In Speaking module the examiner assessed your score on the basis of Grammatical mistakes,Vocabulary used, and numbers of Negative pauses so we cannot judge bands in writing and speaking modules.Whereas, in reading and listening we can calculate our score on the basis of number of correct questions.But the main motive of IELTS bands is to judge your command on English Language so if you have good command on English then you can readily score well in IELTS exam.You need some practice before giving the exam to become familiar with the pattern of IELTS exam.

Note:- I am not cocksure about this band criteria because i got this information from an IELTS teacher.


Band                                    No. of correct Questions

1                                                    1
2                                                   2-3
3                                                   4-9
4                                                  10-15
5                                                  16-20
5.5                                                20-22
6                                                   23-26
6.5                                                27-28
7                                                   29-33
7.5                                                34-35
8                                                   36-37
9                                                   37-40

Listening and Reading band score are depends upon your number of right questions so i am just giving you an idea perhaps this method of scoring may be correct or vary from actual marking criteria.

British Council,International Development Program(IDP) and Cambridge English Language Assessment conduct IELTS exam.You can fill IELTS exam from any of them.



  1. A high score represents a high level of proficiency; a low score shows a lower level.IELTS is an exam designed for people of any level to take. It gives a result which does not show a pass/fail according to a certain standard, but rather shows your current level in different areas

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