Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Secure facebook Account

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Secure Facebook account

To secure your Facebook account, now you can enable Login notifications on your Facebook account. Facebook will send you a SMS or Email to inform you that your account is accessed by some other device. So now don't be afraid from Hacking of account.Here we are describing the simple steps to enable login alerts :-

First of all, Login to your Facebook account then click on Settings and select Account settings.

Secure Facebook account 1

Now from the sidebar select Security and click on Login notifications as shown in the image:-

Secure Facebook account 2

Click on Edit and then Select your options from the list where you wish to receive Login alerts, you may choose both Email and Text messages/Push Notifications.

Secure Facebook account 2

After that click on Save Changes,they will ask you to enter your password just enter your login password. Now you will receive sms or email whenever you login to your facebook account with some other device.


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