Tuesday, 23 July 2013

List of Debate Topics-100 debate topics

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Debate plays a very significant role to improve an individual’s personality. Nowadays, debate becomes a crucial part of many selection processes such as job selection in banking, defense etc. Debate improves listening and speaking skills of individuals. In addition, through debate debaters gain useful knowledge, that could help them to polish their abilities. Research has been shown that debate helps to enhance self-esteem and confidence of an individual. That’s why, almost all schools made debate as a daily activity. Through debate students can learn the ability to deliver information in compelling manner. In this article, we have listed some debate topics for you or your students.

100+ debate topics


New debate topics:
  • Industrialization is responsible for global warming. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Government is not doing appreciable work to control global warming. Do you agree or disagree?  
  • Yoga should be a part of our daily life. Do you agree or disagree? 
  • Nations should stop making nuclear weapons. Do you agree or disagree? 
  • Does time come to use bicycles instead of automobiles to reduce green house gases? 
  • Buying things on EMI (Equated monthly Installment) is good or bad for an individual?
  1. Old age home should be in our society. Do you agree or not?
  2. Should we ban school Uniform?
  3. Should Children below 18 years old allow to drive without driving licence?
  4. Should government allow Mercy killing?
  5. Should government ban gambling?
  6. What is more important in a School, library or Sports club?
  7. Which is a better place to live, live in Hostel or live in P.G.(paying guest)? 
  8. Who is a better mother, a housewife or a working women?
  9. Which is a better option for living, living in nuclear family or living in joint family?
  10. Should we allow children to go on school trip?
  11. Which is a better option for vacation, going to hill station or some other place?
  12. Technology is Good or Bad?
  13. Dowry is Good or Bad?
  14. Should we Ban animal testing or not?
  15. Should we ban cosmetic surgery?
  16. Social networking sites are Good or Bad?  
  17. Single sex school is Good or Bad?
  18. Day Boarding Schools are Good or bad?
  19. Advertisement is Good or bad?
  20. Which is a better option to clean tooth, Twig or Toothpaste?
  21. Television is good or bad?
  22. Movies are good or bad?
  23. Where should Government spend more money, on Defence or Health?
  24. Reality shows are good or bad?
  25. Internet is good or bad?
  26. Should schools ban homework for students?
  27. School buses are safe for children or not?
  28. What is more important for students practical work or theoretical work?
  29. Should we ban junk food in schools or not?
  30. Beauty products are good for skin or not?
  31. Higher education should be free.Do you agree or not?
  32. Should we allow inter caste marriage?
  33. Should government cancel reservation system or not?
  34. Capital punishment should be ban or not?
  35. Alcohol should be ban or not?
  36. Teaching is a boring profession. Do you agree or not?
  37. Which marriage is better, arrange marriage or love marriage?
  38. Should we give equal rights to Girls and Boys?
  39. Which is better option for marriage, marry with a working lady or a lady who becomes housewife after marriage?
  40. Which is better option for job, job with higher salary in which you work for 7 days in a week or job with less salary in which you have 1 holiday in a week?
  41. Which is better option for job, job with higher salary in which you work for 12 hours or job with less salary in which you work for 8 hours?
  42. English should be our national language. Yes or not?
  43. Should Government allow people to buy gun?
  44. Should we provide sex education in schools or not?
  45. Which is better option for marriage, arrange marriage or traditional marriage?
  46. Canteen should be there in school or not?
  47. Girls are better than Boys. Yes or not?
  48. Should Government ban lotteries or not?
  49. Cricket is good or bad?
  50. Should we make cricket as our national game?
  51. Tattoos are good or bad?
  52. Fast food is good or bad?   
  53. Should we provide religion knowledge in schools or not?
  54. Zoos are good or bad?
  55. Which is a good source of knowledge, Television or Newspaper?
  56. Which is a good source of knowledge, Television or Books?
  57. Hollywood movies are good or bad?
  58. Which are good, Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies?
  59. Hindi movies are good or Bad?
  60. Which is a better option for shopping, Malls or retailer shops?
  61. Should schools eliminate examinations?
  62.  Schools should allow mobile phones to students.Do you agree or not?
  63. Mobile phones are good or bad?
  64. Should all people be vegetarian?
  65. Which are better phones, branded phones or local phones?
  66. Democracy is good or bad?
  67.  Should our country tax free? 
  68. Taking loan from bank for personal needs is good or bad?
  69. Who loves more father or mother?
  70. Should society accept gay peoples?
  71. Same sex marriage is good or bad?
  72. Who influence more on children parents or Television? 
  73. What is more important love or money?
  74. Which is a more successful marriage, love marriage or arrange marriage?
  75. Politics as a career is a good choice or not ?
  76. War is good or bad?
  77. Does religion cause war ?
  78. Who are more hard working, Men or Women?
  79. Who are more hard working, government teachers or private teachers?
  80. Who are more hard working, government employees or private employees?
  81. Cricket is a good choice as a profession or not?
  82. Football is a better game than cricket. Do you agree or not?
  83. Should government give choice to voters "none of these" in voting?
  84. Advertising is fake. Yes or not?
  85. Women creates disputes in family. Yes or not?
  86. Making colns is good or bad?
  87. Abortion is good or bad?
  88. Who teaches well, government teachers or private teachers?
  89. Providing Mid day meal in schools is good for children or not?
  90. We cannot stop child labour in India. Do you agree or not? 
  91. Video games should be ban?
  92. Should students allow to sit in exams if they have less than 75% attendance ?
  93. Boxing should be ban or not?
  94. Cartoon tv channels are good for children or not? 
  95. Animals performance should be ban in circus. Yes or no?
  96. Spending more money on shopping is good or bad?
  97. Online shopping is good or bad?
  98. Plastic money(debit cards,credit cards etc) is good or bad?
  99. Hockey is good choice as a profession yes or not?
  100. Should we change our national language ?

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