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14 Extremely Important Tips to get Google Adsense Account approval

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There are several ways to earn money online.All you need a blog or website with great traffic.If you have a blog or website with great traffic then you can register your blog or website with affiliates programs (Amazon,Ebay, Flipkart,Web hosting registrars etc), online ads programs (Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing network).You can also sell space on your website for ads.Among all Google Adsense program is very lucrative.But it is not a easy task to get approved by Google Adsense because Google follows very strict policy to approve a blog or website for Adsense. Daily thousands of people apply for Google Adsense program but most of them get rejected by Google Adsense.Most of blogs or sites are get rejected just because they do not comply Adsense policy.But Don't worry if you will comply all Google Adsense policies carefully then you will be get approved by Google Adsense.I have discussed here very useful tips for you to get your Google Account approval.Implement these tips in your blog to get approval for Adsense:-

Adsense approval part 1

1.Use Good Grammar:- Use of proper grammar is very crucial part of writing a blog.Make sure your blog have good grammar and less spelling mistakes because nobody like mistakes and visitors may ignore to read your blog if you have made too much grammatical mistakes in your blog.Use strong and effective words to represent your post.Avoid repetition of words or lines.Always right related to your post/article.

2.Post Length:- Make sure your each blog post has minimum 300 words .Infact write every post more than 300 words.Do some research before writing any blog post it will help you to add more words to your blog post.Don't write blog post of 50-150 words i'm saying this just because you are blogging for money and its seems that Google approves more to those blogs whose posts are more than 400 words so make a habit to write posts of 400 to 700 words.But to write more words in blog post do not add unnecessary information in blog post.

3.Do not Copy Paste:- Copy paste is very common in new bloggers.Most of new bloggers copy their posts from other blogs.It is obvious because they do not know what to write.For your kind information if you are copying your blog posts from other blogs then forget that you will earn money with Google Adsense.Google does not approve those blogs which have copy right contents.So don't copy from other blogs just write your own blog post. It will take time but end of the day you can get approval.

4.Contact Us,Privacy policy,Disclaimer:- Contact us form plays a very vital role to build confidence and trust in your audience.With the help of contact us form your audience can contact you for any query or issue.Therefore, you should add a contact us form in your blog with a valid email address.If you have not added contact us form to your blog yet then read this post to add contact us form "How to Add Contact Us form in blogger".Privacy policy and Disclaimer are also very essential for your blog.Privacy Policy contains a agreement between you and your audience.According to the Google Adsense Policy every blog must have working contact us page with a valid email account and privacy policy.

5. Numbers of Posts:- Its does not matter how many posts you have in your blog the main requirement is that you should have daily visitors ranging from 500-1000.Google has not specified the minimum number of posts but there should be minimum 50 posts in your blog.I recommend you that write 50-60 posts before applying because this will increase the chances of approval.With 50 blog posts you can readily get 500 daily visitors (approximately).I would like to tell you that Google pleased to give approval to bloggers those write unique posts.So always try to write unique posts with rich contents.

6.Write Blog Title and Post title:- Blog title is a vital factor to come on the top of search engines result.That's why you should write blog post title very carefully.Blogger who write suitable title to their posts often come on the top of search engines result.Also write  your blog title related to your blog posts .Your posts must be related to your blog title because this will increases the chances of approval.

7.Images:- Use high quality images on your blog but don't use copyright images or images from Google in your blog. As i discussed above Google is very strict about the copyright contents.So use original images.If you have not original images for your posts then post without images, it would be better then using copy right images.If you use copyright images or contents in your blog then there is 100% chances of Disapproval.Also, do not post too much images on your blog because blogs having too much images takes more time to open then blogs have less images.

8. Don't :- Google does not approve blogs who have pornographic contents so avoid any pornographic content in your blog.Do not write posts related to hacking etc.

9. Blog Age:- If you belong to Asia then according to Google Adsense policy your blog ought to be 6 months old.So before applying make sure your blog must be 6 month old.But if you have your own Domain name Like(.com,.net) then there is no blog age restrictions for Google Adsense.If your blog age is less than 6 months but you have a domain then just register your domain to your blogger account thereafter apply for Google Adsense.

10.Blog Design:- Your blog should be user friendly.There should be proper navigation for users to go on any page right from current page.Make a attractive blog design with elegant colors.This will lure the visitors to see your blog.

11. Custom Domain:- It would be great if you buy a custom domain for your blog.A custom domain provides you a web identity.Usually, visitors take you seriously if you have a customize domain name.Your site looks professional with custom domain.If you have not money problem then i recommend you to buy a custom domain for your blog.

12. Use Webmaster tool:- Google Webmaster tool  proves to be a very efficient for blogers. With the help of this tool you can find out different errors in your blog. So to improve your search results Login to Google webmaster tool to find errors in your blog. Remove all errors that shows Google webmaster tool.Webmaster tool also shows relevant solutions for all errors just follow all guidelines to remove errors from your blog posts.Before apply for Google adsense you should make your blog errors free.

13.Search Description:- Many bloggers ignore this but you should write search description.It gives idea to visitors that your post is relevant to information they are seeking for.When people will find your post in search result then they can read your search description just below your post title.When you are writing a blog post,you can find search description column in sidebar :-

14. Read Before Publish:- After writing a blog post do not post it immediately.After writing save your post and read it after 4 or 5 hours later.If you write post at night then it would be better to post it at morning.Before posting read your post as a visitor by clicking on preview button just above the post.Find errors in your post and rectify them. Yes you can read your post after completing your post but you cannot find minor errors.After writing blog post due to lack of energy we do not read post carefully but at morning time or after 4 or 5 hours you will be refreshed and can read post carefully.Try it.

I have written two posts to get adsense approval and i would like to tell you that i wrote these posts from my personal experience so If you will follow all these tips carefully then you will have definitely got approval by Google Adsense second post link is here "Adsense :- How to get Google Adsense approval in few days". Remember one thing it is not easy to get approved by Google Adsense and also not impossible.Do work hard ,write more and more in blog,attract visitors by giving unique and effective post title name.Best of Luck. 


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