Friday, 31 May 2013

How to create an Ad-hoc network connection Windows 7

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To share internet connection through laptop WiFi we need to make an ad-hoc network connection first.Therefore to do this just follow these simple steps discussed below:-

STEP 1:- Press Start button on your Computer and open Control Panel .
STEP 2:- Open Networking and Internet and then Open Network and Sharing Center.

STEP 3:-Click on SET UP A NEW CONNECTION OR NETWORK.After that Select Set up a Ad-hoc from the list and Press NEXT

after that again Press ok on NEXT page appears

STEP 4:- Now Give any network name you want and password.Press check Save This Network and then press NEXT

Now you have all done. The ad-hoc is now shown in network access list press connect or  disconnect to start or stop sharing internet.

NOTE:- Make sure wifi is ON.

Suggestion :- If you still can't make connection then try Virtual Router Software which is Free and  easy to configure.


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