Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who Loves Us More Father or Mother

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Who Loves Us More Father or Mother. I know its a strange Question.But just suppose Someone will ask you this Question then what will be your answer. Actually Someone asked me this Question. I didn't give him Answer  at that Time. But when i had reached Home then i thought about it.First of all, i thought, my Mother loves me more because She knows me better. She always fulfill my all needs.My Father always scolding me. My Father is a angry man for me therefore I always avoid to face him. On the other hand, i share my all problems and feeling with my Mother because She knows me better.I used Google Search to finalize my answer because this Question is not so simple as it looks.We cannot judge anyone's Love on the basis of  their behavior because according to a famous quote "The person who loves you more will fight with you more". After reading some articles, my mind had changed.My new answer is both loves us same. Just the way of express their Love is different. Mother always forgive her children and ignore their all mistakes. But Father scold you. But the motive of Father behind this,to stop you to do mistakes again. Father is like a coconut who's upper layer is very hard and inner layer is very soft. Also don't forget parents are like GOD. Parents forget about their own needs to fulfill their children's needs. Both sacrifice same. Also don't forget whole World can leave you in your bad time but Parents never leave you alone. Therefore finally both Father and Mother loves us same.This is the most expensive gift for us by The GOD.


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