Monday, 7 January 2013

Nokia Lumia 610:-The Windows Live ID service is unavailable at the moment.Try again later

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Nokia lumia 610 is a very nice phone, its elegant design lures customers. It provides quickest way to connect with your friends; you can accesses your emails, updates from your friends from your home screen easily. Nokia Lumia 610 has 5 megapixel camera with flash light that gives you better camera experience
 If you have any gprs or software related problem pertaining to your Nokia lumia 610 then you can find your solution here. I have discussed some problems here if you can't find your problem's solution then leave your problem in the comment box.

Error:- "The Windows Live ID service is unavailable at the moment.Try again later

  1. If you are in low speed network area then your phone will show you this error message.(Solution: Try on 3g network or wi-fi).
  2. Set right country/region in your windows live Id as well as in your phone (Solution: Go to settings-date+time) .
  3. Fill all necessary information in your windows live id.
(Suggestion:- If your phone shows you this error message then first of all try on 3g network or on Wi-Fi )

Error:- How to change Windows Live Primary ID/ACCOUNT:-
Note:-(To change you windows phone primary account  you have to reset (hard reset) your phone, by doing this, you will loose your all data of your phone e.g. -images, music, videos, apps,games.) 

 Step1:- Go to phone settings.

Step 2:-Then about

Step3:- reset your phone

after this your phone will restart. After restarting, screen will ask you for your windows live id to sign in. Now you can change your id or you can create new one.  

Suggestion:- you can synchronize your phone with your pc by Zune this will save your music, videos, images.

Error:- How to Enable Facebook Chat:-

To Enable Facebook Chat in your Nokia Lumia 610 Follow these steps:-

  1. Go to Setting
  2. emails+accounts
  3. Add an account
  4. Facebook
  5. Enter your facebook id and password
  6. Click on sign in
  7. Then connect
  8. Now your FB account is added to emails. When synchronization process will complete then go to home screen then Messaging (your Inbox) .
  9. Go to online tab
  10. Go to settings of your inbox.
  11. Turn on Facebook Chat 
  12. To chat directly from your inbox select your status Online. You can find status options Messaging>>Online.
You have all done. All necessary settings for Facebook online chat have been saved. Now you can get updates from your friends in Peoples Tab and you can chat with your friends directly from your inbox.

How to Download apps from Pc to phone via Marketplace :-

Note:-If you are from India then you cannot download apps directly from your computer to your phone because this service is not available in India.

Steps to download apps with Zune software:-

Step1:- Connect your phone with Your computer. Zune window will automatically pop up on your desktop .

Step2:- Sign in with your window live id in Zune.

Step3:-  Then select Marketplace from the tabs and then select apps from Subtabs



Step4:- Now click on game pr app which you want to download and enjoy. 



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