Friday, 11 January 2013

How to install Windows 7 from USB

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Sometimes, we want to install Window/Operating system to our PC/Laptop from USB Pen Drive due to failure of our DVD Writer  or due to some other reason .It is very easy to  install windows 7 to your PC through USB Pen Drive.You just need a software to do this and to my mind Wintoflash is a perfect tool/software for this.If you want to install Windows 7 to your PC through USB Pen Drive you need to install WINTOFLASH Software in another PC/Laptop to make a bootable USB Pen Drive.Before starting make sure you have a 8 GB USB pen drive and a another PC/Laptop.So to make a bootable USB pen drive follow given steps:-

First of all, Go to wintoflash official site and Download wintoflash's latest version or Click Here

After downloading wintoflash you need a unzip software because downloaded file may be in zip format therefore you need to extract it by zip file extract software. After extraction of downloaded file a folder (Novicorp wintoflash) will create on your desktop.

Now insert DVD of Windows 7 and connect USB/Pen Drive ( 8 GB or more after installation you can easily format it).

Now open wintoflash folder and click on wintoflash.exe as shown in image below:-


Thereafter Click on Green icon as  shown in image below:-



Now Press on next.

Next step is to select path/Destination . In first column select CD/DVD drive and in second column select Removable Disk (where you insert your USB). Now click on Next/Run .

Accept the terms and press continue .Wait 5-10 minute to copy the Window in your USB.

After this just put your USB in your PC in which you want install Windows 7 and restart your PC remaining process is same as .

  Note:- (You may need to change boot path of your PC to do this go to your  PC's Motherboard settings and change boot path's).



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