Saturday, 5 January 2013

Facebook-How to hide your Facebook Friends List

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Today Facebook plays very important role in our life.We can keep in touch with our Friends, Relatives etc with the help of Facebook.If you are not online even though you can get sms notifications on your mobile number.When you create Facebook account due to default settings everyone can see your images,friends on your timeline.If you do not want to let others to see your images,friends then you have to change your account settings.You have options to choose who can see your friends list for e.g.-Public,Friends,Only Me. If you want to hide your friends list from all, then just select only me.After selecting Only Me  no one else can see your friends list. But note one thing your friends can see mutual friends when they will see your timeline.So now to hide your friends list follow these simple steps:-

Step 1:-  Login to your Facebook account with your User Name and Password.

Step 2:- Now from sidebar Click on 'find friends" or click on your profile photo then click on friends from the tab.

Step 3:-  As shown in image below Click on "See all friends"  


Step 4:- Click on 'Edit" thereafter click on  Edit Privacy as shown in image below :-


Step 5:- When you will click on Edit Privacy a pop up windows will appear on your screen where you can see your friend list is selected as Public. Just click on Public front of friend list and select Only Me from the drop down menu.

  Step 6:-  After selecting "only me " click on Close.

Now you have all done.Now no one can see your friend list. Your friends can see mutual friends only in your Timeline.

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